DVDFAB, support WMV?!

Why not support converting a DVD/File to WMV, for XBOX360, just as you support converting DVD/file to PSP and iPod.

I mean, XBOX360 almost that popular as the two other gadget…

Make a All-In-Wonder program, just like WinAvi - with WinAvi you also get subtitle inkl. Then you will have a very flexible program!!!

Hello Stay_Bamboocha
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You should have put this in the sticky st the top of the page called
[U]Feature Requests for DVDFab[/U] which will put as this thread will not, plus Fengtao the author of DVDFab will see it better :cool:

a couple people have requested this feature and Fengtao has stated they are looking at it for future releases.

Just have to wait for it to be incorporated I guess