DVDFab + Subpicture + Dvd to Mobile (iPhone 3G)

I have the latest DVDFab I am trying to put a video and subtitles on my iPhone 3G. I have ripped the film from the DVD to my HDD. Including the subtitles (srt). I picked the video.avi and the srt but when i pick the and click ok its automatically closes. I have registered the DVD to Mobile code.

Any Ideas why?

Use DVD to Mobile and select “Direct Render to Video” in the lower right of the Conversion Settings page. You must have 1) selected the subpicture stream from the original DVD to be included when ripping to VIDEO_TS folder and 2) selected the subpicture stream again on the first DVD to Mobile setup page for this to work. If you put a checkmark in the “Display only forced” box and there are no forced subs, nothing will be rendered.

Sorry i meant File to DVD.

If you have the DVD, do it the way I suggested. If all you have is the video plus an srt file, just click on the External Subtitle File button in File to Mobile. There is no “File to DVD” option. Still not clear on what you have and what you are trying to do.


I think problem is: you have one avi file and this file is converted from DVD, and you also one .srt file for this avi file, maybe this file is coming from other software or other site, so now, you want convert this file and .srt file to a sinlge file, which can be played by iphone 3gs. and when you select the avi file and .srt file and click start, the problem will crash ?

My understanding for your problem is correct ?