Dvdfab stopped working

Hi, my name is Nancy I,m a newbie. I have had dvdFab for quite awhile now. Recently upgraded to pltimum 4.1 and everything was great. Now it doesnt work at all. I have Windows Vista, and I checked my cd-rom and its fine. Any suggestions? Thanks:flower:

You can’t even start the program or is it a DVD it won’t read?

Just for giggles…right click the DvdFab icon and run in compatability mode. Make sure you’re logged on as administrator as well.

And update to newest version. :slight_smile:

current version is 5.x.x.x and you have to apply for a new license.



i cant get the program to do anything. It wont analize, copy, or burn. and i know my cd-rom is ok. ive tried other movies in it too. it was working fine a week ago.

You can always try a system restore to when it worked.

Uninstall DVD Fab and re-install it.

Also go to the DVDFAB Forum if you need further help :slight_smile: Also look for a post from Stormjumper because in his Sig. he has instructions for completely uninstalling FAB from Vista

I downloaded the new version of dfab5.0 everything was fine untill i got error message about writing while copying a movie and it said to retry so i did then it said abort so i did. now when i put a movie in in the source area it says scanning media please wait and it doesnt change. wont do anything. please help thank you

[B]@VegasNancy49: [/B]please don’t create new threads for what is just an evolution of your original problem. People need to see what has been going on.

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