DvdFAB skips straight to Process Completed

Whenever i try and convert to any format dvdfab platinum skips straight to the process completed without even attempting to process anything. This isn’t particularly useful to me. Ultimately i want to convert to nokia n95. Any Ideas?


havent seen this one before? :confused:

please read the official guide, maybe you are just missing something:

also check out these two threads

this is odd… its working now and i did exactly what i did before… :eek:

I’be had this problem. Turns out my virus protection/program control was blocking dvdfab from accessing the registry in the way it always does when it starts converting. It said it was finished successfully but up in the log there was an error. Anyway, turned of program control and there was no more problem.

I just posted this issue today and came across this thread. I still cannot figure out why this problem is happening to me as well. I turned off any firewall and anitvirus software that I have, restarted the computer and still a no-go!

Anyone else have thoughts on fixing this? Thanks.:doh:

Anyone else have thoughts on fixing this? Thanks.:doh:[/QUOTE]
I have no idea if it’ll be any help, but I posted in your thread:
DVDFAB says Process Completed Successfully, but it did not

I had that happen when I used 1 pass and accidently used an illegal character when renaming a DVD title while converting to Xvid.