DVDFab shuts down will analizing Stargate Atlantis Season 5

I just bought season 5 of Stargate Atlantis yesterday. I wanted to make a back up copy of the set with DVDFab as I normally do. However, while analyzing the DVDs, DVDFab exits completely. This happens with all the DVDs of the Season 5 set and I tried on different PCs and got the same results.

Disable PathPlayer in Common Settings. See if that helps.

[QUOTE=signals;2301153]Disable PathPlayer in Common Settings. See if that helps.[/QUOTE]

Good advice, pard
This worked for another user.
I think there are at least 3 threads on StarGate now.
Maybe it’ll be like Madea…:eek::stuck_out_tongue:

That is working. Thanks.


[QUOTE=NevadaSam;2301180]That is working. Thanks.

Samantha[/QUOTE]Glad to hear signals’ suggestion worked for you.

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