DVDfab shrinks the screen size?

I’m using DVDFab to rip my dvd’s to iso.

However, some of them have the screen shrunk. Why is this and can I stop it happening?

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If all you are doing is ripping the files (ISO) to your HDD, DVDFab does not reduce the screen size. How are you viewing these files?

I’m viewing them on my TViX 6500. What I have noticed is when the film is being viewed in the preview box in dvdfab, it is already shrunk, it is perfectly in the middle of the screen but about 50% size.
It is happening for Pulp Fiction and The Long Kiss Goodbye.

Is there a setting in dvdfab to adjust?

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The picture size [B]is not[/B] reduced.

I’m sorry I don’t understand your reply!

In the preview pane the picture is in the middle of the ‘screen’ with a black box all around it. Just as it is once I have ripped it and view it on my plasma.

Is this the original dvd picture setting then?

The way your files are on the original is the way they are on your backup.

Oh, I guess there isn’t a way to make them full screen then?

I’m not familiar with TVIX 6500, but I took a look and it seems this is for H.264 encoded files.
Are you using Fab Mobile to convert these files or are you simply ripping dvd compliant files to your hdd?

It sounds like either your conversion settings are off or your TVIX device is altering the screen size

The TVIX is playing most of the rips perfectly, it’s just some of them are ‘shrunk’ in this way.
Are there any settings is DVDFAB that I can alter as I can’t find any.