DVDFAB says Process Completed Successfully, but it did not

I’ve been trying to convert a DVD to the Zune or Xbox format with DVDFAB. I leave everything in it’s default format and go through the motions of converting it. When it is done (in less than 5 secs), it says it the Process Completed Successfully (see attached pic).

When I go to the folder it is stored at there is no converted DVD in the folder it created for it. Actually, it shows a file but it is with zero megabytes.

On my old computer I did not have this problem but I recently got a new computer with Vista Ultimate Edition and it has never worked properly since I’ve installed it.

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I do not receive any error messges.


Hi kpnitrl and welcome to cdfreaks,

Sorry for your trouble.
First off, I don’t know beans about Vista…and no love lost there. You’ll have to pry XP from my dead, cold, clammy hands.

Anyway, a few ideas…
You may want to consider running a decent registry cleaner. A lot of us recommend Regseeker…there’s a link in my sig.
(I think the clean uninstall…below…recommends this as part of the uninstall).

Do a clean uninstall…courtesy of my good friend StormJumper. He has a great guide on complete uninstalls…just look for a post …there’s a link in his sig.

There is also a ton of info put together by zebadee re: Fab and Vista:

Hope this helps…until a Vista freak pops in to lend a hand…:wink:

Thanks for the advice. However, I did exactly just that. After I uninstalled the program I used REGCLEANER to delete any remnants of the program. I reinstalled it and STILL the same issue.

Load the DVD, select copy to ZUNE or Xbox360 format and within 3 secs after it begins, BAM!! Fishished…

This is driving me nuts. Any other resources that you can suggest? Thanks.