DVDFab results getting better, but one last thing

Hi all,

I broke down and got a new DVD burner drive and invested in quality media. Combining this along with disabling McAfee as suggested while burning I have had pretty good sucess with DVDFab express. Most of the movies have been copied with no problems.

The one issue I can’t seem to solve is on some of the newer movies the copy will finish, you can play the movie but many of the menu items are incorrect. Sometimes the menu will not show and only shows the copyright screen and other times the scene selections will be all out of order.

Has anyone found a workaround for this? I’m doing complete disc and have not tried the main movie only but I don’t think main movie only does any menus?

Any help would be appreciated.

I usually burn main movie only in widescreen format with English sound track. You are right the movie starts playing without menus, but I think you can access the menu using the remote. I sometimes experiment with DLs and burn whole disc then I realize why I prefer the main movie without all the previews etc. This link provides a ton of information on what is on a DVD and if original is SL or DL.


It is just a guess, but I think the movie companies put most of the protection in extras and previews because protection could cause a DVD to not play in some players. I would say they figure we will not return movies as long as the main movie plays OK. It does appear that when trying to copy a complete disc we have more problems that when we just copy the main movie. I remember reading one of Cynthia tutorials there was scene in the extras that kept expanding not allowing a program to shrink it.


I am sorry but the main movie option does not contain any menues - that is the nice thing about it. But I agree with You, Mack, copying main movie is always safer and if one does not need the extras (I do not remember when I last watched them) why bother?

Just to add one more voice to this…Mack is correct re: copy protection and disc structure issues with fab and complete disc mode. Certain movies just don’t bkup successfully with fab and complete disc. I did note that these “problem” discs can be done in complete mode with other apps…notably dvdd and AnyDVD (+/- Img). Sorry Mack, will disagree on this one item re: accessing the disc menu with the remote when bkup has been done in express - main movie only. You can however, enable /disable certain functions, such as subtitles or audio files, via the remote…and I’m certain you already know this. Also, agree completely with Mack and Hun; besides the main movie, there’s not much that I’d ever watch anyway. I’ve been burning more DLs lately and, most of the time now, I’m doing only the main movie. The other stuff is mostly, just, plain crap. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

I can see the point about about main movie only. Really all we ever watch is the movie anways. I just figure though if I am going to make a safe copy of a movie I might as well make a copy of most of the features. Granted if I wanted a true backup copy i should buy DL discs.

I’ll try the main movie and see how it goes.