DVDFAB REMOVE Title1.DVDRip from default title?

I love dvd fab.

But I hate that it adds to my default titles…

when i’m about to convert my files to ISO it slaps garbage at the end.


I want the Title1.DVDRip GONE…
Every single time, I must manually edit this out. But it’s worthless to me to have it there in the first place…

Anyone else greatly annoyed by this ?
i’ve searched the directory for Title1.DVDRip to see if it’s in a configuration file but it’s not there, or not obvious… maybe registry ?

I think the default titling is hard-coded. I would prefer something like “[DVDVolumename.xxx]”. I think one reason that it’s done this way is to
have a base filename convention that will work with the automatic filenaming when using the Split by Chapter/Size option.

yeah… I’m not seeing any toggles for the option, so I think you’re right… It’s just “an annoyance” not functional detrimental…


Dear all,

The output file name pattern feature is on our todo list, and it will be implemented in near future.

Best Regards,