DVDFab Remove DTS Option

Hi Fengtao,

Just an issue with this option. If you select “Main movie” and then go back to
“Full disc”, you can’t use the Remove DTS option again (it’s greyed out) unless you restart the program.

Unless it is just my computer that does this.

DVDfab Decrypter & Platinum

Hi solly79,

Thanks for the bug report, it will be fixed in next release.

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Why is the DTS sound removed? How can you chnage tjhis so that teh DTS sound IS copied. I just purchased the Platinum version, but I’m confused as to why I cannot control the audio and allow DTS sound.

Thanks for helping the new guy.


You [I]can[/I] control all aspects of the copy process with DVDFab–that’s one of the things that makes it great to use. Removing the DTS audio track saves space if you are compressing to a SL disc, meaning a better quality video image. If you want to keep it, just [B]don’t check [/B]the “remove” box in Full Disc mode, or [B]check[/B] the audio stream that contains DTS if you are using one of the re-author modes: Customize, Main Movie, Merge etc.

Please help me with this if you know anything or can direct me to where I can find answers. I am trying to find out if a corporation could alter, edit, and/or change a DVD? My attorney finally received a DVD of an incident I was involved two years ago. The witnesses’ state that they are not in the DVD we received as well as some other differences. We are trying to get more of the footage, but feel that they will state that is all that they have available.

Of course, we cannot accuse or question without proof. Who can I contact, how can I identify, and what can I do to determine if the DVD has been changed? I emailed my attorney and stated that I felt the DVD was edited. At first, he thought it was absurd to accuse the co for doing that. Then, his partner in the firm stated that this corporation would do ANYTHING to win a case and not look bad. My attorney does not seem to be very savvy in the computer area. I know some things, but this area is foreign to me also.

The initial DVD, that the corporation sent to the attorney had to download a program and do some configurations to get it to play. Neither our old computer nor my Apple MacBook was able to neither download the program nor play the DVD. I had my nephew convert the DVD to where it could be played in a DVD player as they are made to do.

I did receive a response that stated I could find information. I am in the United States and am not sure how to find a ‘forensics’ person. Is that how I can retrieve the time stamps and other ID markers as well as the original data?

How can I tell that someone responds to my question? I am new to this site and not familiar with how it works. I would deeply appreciate any information you can provide to help me prove that the DVD was altered.

Please advise,

This question has already been answered in the original thread where you posted it.

I apologize for the redundancy and if I caused any frustration. I am new at this website and not familiar with the topic I am asking about on here. Where can I find my responses? I was not aware of the response from Canada until I was browsing for my post. I did check the box to receive an email when someone answers my question. Where can I find or how can I find someone to prove that it was edited?

Thank you for your time, patience, and any response,