DVDFab Releases v9.2.1.4



New! DVDFab is out!


  • [li]NOTE: Adjusts the network connection to DVDFab server. Please update to this version , or you will experience failure when opening Blu-ray discs. All earlier versions of DVDFab including v8 and v9 will not be able to connect to the decryption server for Blu-ray after the server work is complete.

See the Notice posted on the DVDFab forum home page for more information.


MD5: D6D3B2846FBEE58DCD648F37C0291822
SHA1: ABF938AFA87919206A46B088EE8B7C7C63BBED60
CRC32: 545AE328


Thanks,signals…updated immediatly…:wink:


Thanks for the Link signals


will this work for U.S. customers as well.


Yes, all versions are International now, have been for some time.


Awesome thank you.

If you dont mind I must have been missing it or just use to the delivery driver bringing updates from TJ but when did this happen?


Months ago, don’t remember exactly.