DVDFab redraw problem

Always in Main movie mode when the preview window comes up and you click start to start ripping the title the preview pane doesnt redraw itself/disappear correctly and blocks other icons on the mobile devices window

Issue still not resolved in the latest build released today

What are your system specs?

Thats a GUI problem, it does not effect the program. Fengtao will fix it, I am more concerned with the higher write speeds.:iagree:

AMD Opteron 170@2.62 ghz
2500 gig Raid 0
320 gig Raid 0
ATI X1650 512 PCI-E card
Benq FP94Vw 19" Widescreen monitor 1440*900

This should be enough I would think

I have seen the problem before as well, but I am very certain that it is not a DVDFab problem. It is a windows resource issue. I don’t remember now what I did to fix it, but I did long ago. If I remember I’ll post it. My system is real old Dell p3, 512m ram 2x40g hd, 1 g processor. Been ripping for years with free ware tools but was so impressed with DVDfab I made the plunge and bought it. No regrets.

I agree that this is a non-Fab issue. I have one machine that does this periodically. I think it’s the video card driver. Stopping the preview before manually closing the preview window seems to help.

Are you sure about that? Mine does it too.

?? Not sure about the cause but very sure about the symptoms, or the lack of them, on my machines. I also have both auto-preview window options unchecked in Common Settings.