DVDFab Reading error

Hello, need help with an error that’s pops up during back-up of my movies.

This is how the error reads.

DVDFab encounters a reading error (may be caused by copy protection) which can be removed by using pathplayer, the technology we employed in DVDFab.
Please note when PathPlayer is enabled, opening a DVD may take up to several minutes.

Would you like to restart DVDFab to enabled pathPlayer for this DVD?

                                       Yes   No

Anyway, my understanding of PathPlayer is to reset DMA mode, except there is no problem with DMA mode. Trust me, i checked. I think this is more of a driver issue or Drive issue. or maybe media.

I have 2 drives. I used the Lite-on for reading and the memorex for burning.
The Lite-on have trouble reading the movie and quits in the middle of the process with the above error. However, if I used the memorex drive to do the same thing, i get no problems. A little noisy, but no problems.

Can anybody help me?

Hi Bearclaw1,

PathPlayer is a technique for analyzing a DVD similarly to the way a standalone player plays it. Specifically, it allows copying only the files that could be played in a standalone player. The reason is to deal with certain forms of copy protection. Some DVDs include invalid files just to confuse ripping software.

PathPlayer has nothing to do with DMA.

Unless you have reason to believe otherwise for a particular DVD, you should probably choose Yes when you get the message you quoted.

I clicked on yes already, and PathPlayer automatically reset DMA and asked to restart computer. but Computer DMA was set already.

Not sure why PathPlayer would recommend to do something that is already done.