DVDFab "Read Error" only with latest versions

I recently downloaded DVDFab Decrypter and started getting read errors while decrypting. I was offered the options of ‘Retry’, ‘Abort’, ‘Ignore’ or ‘Ignore All’. (the disc was clean)

I was able to decrypt the movie but would have to select ‘Retry’ 5 to 10 times throughout the process and the read speed would be very slow.

For testing purposes I put in “Monsters Inc” and it tried it with - read errors occurred.

I reverted to version and “Monsteres Inc” decrypted with no problem and no read errors.

DVDFab Decrypter Ver - works fine.
DVDFab Decrypter Ver - read errors on all discs
DVDFab Decrypter Ver - read errors on all discs

This is occurring with my Liteon SOHW 1693S Firmware KSOB. I am fairly sure that the drive is ok as it works correctly in every other way and no problems with ver.

Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

First off, I’d download and run the most recent version,, right here.
There were some glitches in several past versions…as I recall these varied user to user…this poor old tired brain has trouble recalling exactly…

Anyway, this is likely to fix your problems, so give it a shot.
Let us know…

Hope this helps.


Oh yeah, welcome to cdfreaks… :iagree:

Thanks for the reply. I did try the latest version and the same problem exists.

I have tried the following three versions:

DVDFab Decrypter Ver - works fine.
DVDFab Decrypter Ver - read errors on all discs
DVDFab Decrypter Ver - read errors on all discs

I am currently using, unless I run into a disc that it can’t handle. Then I uninstall, install and baby sit the process, clicking ‘Retry’ each time the message pops up.

Apologies…you did post that info and I missed it… :o
Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your litey…I have a semi-retired 1693s myself…solid old workhorse , plus you’ve got the latest official firmware.
I never use Fabdecrypter myself…I own platinum. However, the decrypting code is the same… :confused:

Perhaps a corrupted/bad download, although you’ve probably already considered this. Still, I’d give it another shot…new download and reinstall.
If this isn’t successful, you may be looking at a complete uninstall, clean the registry and start fresh. I’ll give it some more thought.

Good luck.

I think also if you do uninstall DVDFab Decrypter you should also make sure you delete all of the files that are left behind after you uninstall the program. if they are corrupt and you re-install the program those files are sill going to be used and if one of them are the problem then you will still have the same issue

Thanks Maineman,

I haven’t been able to find any reference to this problem anywhere I have searched. I am thinking I could be stuck with it. I will, as you suggest, try uninstalling, clean the registry, and download a fresh copy. I don’ think I will reinstall windows being the problem is severe enough to go through all that.
I am in the process of building a second computer from left over parts laying around. With a fresh install on that computer I will try and repeat the problem.

If I find a soloution I will post the results here.

Thanks again.

Thanks Stormjumper, I will do that as well and post results here.

PLEASE read post 5

We keep posting at the same time. Thanks for the tip.

I will try as you guys suggested, uninstall, delete leftover files, clean registry, download fresh copy of latest version, re-install.

I will let you know how I make out.

make sure you delete the .pf files

First make sue you are downloading from a reliable link, as the one at top of this thread [B]Read First DVDFab is out[/B]. You will find more of DVDFab Decrypter users at the following link:



Ok, this is what I did:

  • uninstalled DVDFab decrypter
  • Deleted all associated files
  • Found .pf file in the windows/prefetch folder and deleted same
  • cleaned registry
  • downloaded DVDFab Decrypter from CdFreaks
  • re-installed
  • Tried to decrypt Monster’s Inc. and immediatly ran into read errors.
  • left the movie in the drive.
  • uninstalled
  • I did not clean the registry or delete any files
  • re-installed DVDFab decrypter
  • decrypted Monsters Inc. with no read errors

The problem remains consistent. My next step is to try the same DVD drive in a different computer and see if it has the same problem. Keep in mind that the drive performs flawlessly other than this issue.

I am guessing there is something in the latest update that doesn’t jive with my computer. Hardware or Software I don’t know.

Thanks for all the suggestions. If have any updates I will post here.

I also have the exact same problem

I finally had an opportunity to move my drive to my other computer (it was recently upgraded and can handle a dvd burner now).

Everything works fine with the drive in the other computer. All three versions of DVDFab Decrypter work with no troubles.

I am suspicious that the “Intel Applilcation Accelerator” program could be the problem here. It is the only real software difference between the two computers.

If I have time to do some more testing I post again. But for now the problem is solved. I will use my secondary computer to burn DVD’s. I had planned to set things up this way for a while.

By the way, thanks for the help from those who resonded.