Dvdfab Question



I have a Samsung Blackjack II and the dvd to moblie option doesnt work 4 my phone…does anyone know why? Also does anyone know of a program that will do this for me? Also if anyone knows any good apps for the Blackjack II please let me know…Thanx


Sorry I don’t use the dvd to moblie but maybe you can get a MOD to move this to the DVDFAB Forum where I am sure you can get some help on this problem


How do I go about doing that? Id like to get at least 2 movies on my phone 4 emergency purposes…like if Im stuck someplace with boring people!!!:rolleyes:


At the bottom of the page you will see Forum Jump just scrool down to DVD FAB forum


Lol. What, like the DMV? :eek:


Especially the dmv:clap:


Thread moved to our DVDFab forum

Hopefully you can get some specialised help in here :wink:

I personally don’t use the DVD to Mobile portion, so can’t be of any help.