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I started off using DVDshrink and DVD decrypter. However, sometimes I don’t want to lose any picture quality due to compression. I was referred to a program called DVDFAB which has the ability to burn a large movie to two discs while keeping the menu and extras intact.

Following the —> guide <— didn’t help because DVDFAB couldn’t bypass the copyright protection. I then tried ripping an IFO image to my HDD for DVDFAB to work from but got an error message that said something to the effect of “could not write…” (sorry, will write it down next time).

If someone could explain to me what IFO’s and ISO’s are I would appreciate it. Also if someone knows of another method in writing a movie to 2 discs while maintaining normal picture quality, I would be grateful.




You can also split to two DVDs with shrink. Use the RE AUTHOR mode and click on the CHAPTER SPLIT icon. Check out the guide to split using Shrink…



If you use dvd decryptor in file mode it will create a folder with the same files that were on the dvd. I’m not sure about dvdfab but most programs will treat this folder just as if it were a dvd. You can also get anydvd which runs in the background and automatically takes care of the copy protection. It should work with dvdfab or shrink or any other program.


A fine link to some very useful guides. Unfortunately, the split guide is not yet available. It simply says “Coming soon Good luck. Got problems? Then post here”. Also, I didn’t see any Chapter split icons, only “set start/end frames”. I have version

I ripped to my HDD and tried again with DVDFAB. The error message was about a bad sector…hmmm. Don’t know what that is all about.

I will try ANYDVD combo’d up with DVDFAB and see how that goes.




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Anydvd bypassed the CSS just fine and I began the splitting procedure called DVDFAB Copy Complete DVD Guide to Two DVD±Rs

Now I have 2 folders, disk 1 and disk 2 on my HDD with the various files split up between them. I tried accessing these files with DVDshrink as well as DVD decrypter with no luck. I’m sure that I’m doing something wrong so if someone could give me a nudge in the “write” direction, I would appreciate it. I may even need a picture drawn for me, or possibly detailed instructions. I will draw the line at holding my hand though…maybe. :bow:


What are in the folders? If it has audio_ts and video_ts and the video ts has vob files and such, you can treat each folder as if it were a dvd. I haven’t used shrink in forever but you should be able to just open the disk 1 folder the same way you would a dvd (thats how you would do it in nero recode and some other programs anyway). Fyi, rename the folder as the folder name is what it will name the disk, so if it is terminator, maybe rename it terminator 1 or terminator disk 1 or something like that.


“set start/end frames” is the menu for the split option. You can start from chapters 1 to 15 for the first DVD. Then go back and burn chapters 16 to END for the 2nd disc.


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I will be able to keep the whole movie at 100%, just not the menus. That may be acceptable if I can’t get the other way to work. Thx!



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Next issue is:

Used DVDFAB to split DVD into two folders of video files. Decided to give Nero a shot and started the “Burn DVD video file” option. Browsed to the Disc 1 folder and started burn. Disc 1 was a success with menus intact. Browsed to Disc 2 and started burn. Got an error messege "DVD-Video files reallocation failed. The resulting DVD-Video might be unplayable. Do you wish to continue?". I did continue and when I put disk in my home dvd player I got an “incorrect disc” error. Ok, so that one’s a coaster. Disc 1 works great and I would like to keep the menus intact. Any ideas on what is causing the reallocation error?