DVDfab - Question about ripping to HD

I was looking at the common settings and the section where it shows all the protections that DVDFab removes. My question is at the bottom, it says Remove Layer Break and it is checkmarked.

What I am doing is ripping the movie to the harddrive to remove the protections. My questions is if I am gonna use a dual layer blank to copy the movie with IMGburn, should I uncheck the “Remove Layer Break” feature or does it matter since IMGburn sets its own layer break?

I guess my question is if I am simply ripping the movie to the hardrive with DVDFab, should I have “the remove layer break” checked?


Check it to remove layer break. Clone mode will ignore this setting, so most leave it checked.

What if you are ripping to folder, to then use IMGburn? Should I leave it checked then? or does it matter?

I believe IMGburn builds its own layer break, so would it matter if the folder has the layer break?


If there is a layer break present then IMGburn will use that layer break BUT if is no layer break present then IMGburn will create one :bigsmile:

Unless you have mode NO changes to the content the layer break will have to be recalculated anyway. Personally I always leave that box checked, since Clone ignores it, as Mack noted in his earlier post.