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I would like an opinion please. Which is better; gold or platinum?



[QUOTE=Brneyes371;2013740]I would like an opinion please. Which is better; gold or platinum?


Hi Brneyes welcome to the forum
Platinum is better only because it can convert DVD movies for veiwing on mobile devices that is why the cost is a little more,…But Gold rips and burns just like Platinum just does not have all the features that Platinum has.
If you are not into watching videos on mobile devices you may want to go with the Gold but think first because later you may want to do some converting later.


Just to add to SJ’s advice…
Platinum will also afford several more modes for dvd bkups, ie.,
[B]Customize mode[/B]: much greater configurability of your bkup
[B]Clone mode[/B]: bit for bit copies (minus the copy protection of course)
[B]Merge mode[/B]: ability to merge multiple titles to one dvd.

(I think this is accurate, but I haven’t used Gold in years…not since Fab 2.xxx, which was an entirely different critter).

Also as SJ said, you have a variety of mobile devices available and more to come.
I’ve never seen any software so consistently improved upon and so well supported.

I know there are satified owners of Gold, but I think it’s fair to say there are more Gold owners who wished they had purchased Platinum than the other way around.
It’s only a $10 difference up front.
I bought Platinum 3-4 years ago and never looked back.

I’ll never give it up.
You’d have to pry Platinum from my cold clammy hands…:eek::bigsmile:

You can compare the two apps right here:


Tom thanks for the add-on


[QUOTE=StormJumper;2013782]Tom thanks for the add-on[/QUOTE]
Hey there pardner…we’re a team right?
You’ve always been there for us (the gang).
You watch my back and I watch yours…:flower:


You mean I’m part of the Gang :smiley: ,I’m so happy I could :sad:



[QUOTE=StormJumper;2013791]You mean I’m part of the Gang :smiley: ,[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=StormJumper;2013791]I’m so happy I could :sad:[/QUOTE]
Careful now…at our age, you never know what can happen…:bigsmile:


Careful now…at our age, you never know what can happen…:bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

:eek: got that right


Well, I have to agree with the above opinions. My learned friends diffinately know there stuff. Myself, you’d have to get it out of my cold dead hands also. It’s simply the best, I love my Platinum. ~ Mike


I have to agree that Platinum is better than Gold just because of it’s versatility. I’ve personally tried both and like my Platinum better. And that’s my two cents.


As maineman said earlier Platinum has the Merge mode which comes in handy if you have any of
the so called flipper discs = (movie on both sides of the disc for those who may not know what
a flipper disc is) :wink: that way you can Merge them and put both movies on a single sided DL disc. :bigsmile: