DVDFab PS3 generic.mp4.h264.aac? No video on PS3



Got a PS3 for Christmas. Downloaded DVDFab and want to take a DVD and make a H264/AAC in MP4 container for a PS3 to playback via DVD.

The template PS3 profile doesn’t work and the PS3.Passthrough creates a VOB that is rather large. Ideally I’d like to have a file in size/quality equal to HD DivX but could play in PS3/iPod Touch/Windows Mobile 6.1 or be streamed from DNLA/uPnP device.

I created a generic.mp4.h264.aac file which works fine on my desktop PC using Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Mobile 6.1 Phone. I then transfered this same mp4 file to CD-ROM and put in my PS3 which only played the Audio track, no Video is seen.

I’d like to stick with DVDFab if I could make a manual profile that worked with PS3 without mod, I’m more of a GUI/Vista x32 gui as this is new to me.

Why is the PS3 only play audio, no video?


same situation with my ps3 … no image with this profile : generic.avi.h264.mp3