DVDfab prog request for "Feedback"

I am using the trial version with success for the last week or so - until today. As I start to burn, I get a pop-up from DFDfab requesting that I complete some optional info and for the IFO files. I cancel the request & try to burn again. The same screen pops up to I complete the questionaire and “Send”, then I get a system warning that the program is trying to access my email addresses! (I don’t know why they need my private email contacts??!?!?!?!?) This is a new PC, so I deleted the 2 addresses I had in outlook and tried again. The program generated an email with the IFO files attached (I assume) and it was sent. I went back and tried to burn the DVD, and the whole process started over again? I have check the threads with no luck about this, and I have turned off my firewall & rebooted my computer. Has anyone got a clue as to what is going on, and WHY Fengtao is accessing private emails?

Hi ubcoftexas, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

This is highly unusual…I haven’t seen any other reports of this behaviour so far (I’m not dismissing what you say, though).

I’ve been using DVDFab Platinum with none of this happening. Where did you download the trial from?

This may seem like a silly question, but have you scanned your system for viruses/malware/spyware?


I got the original trial from their website, but they were having issues with the protection on that particular link. Maineman from here gave me a new link with the corrected version and it has worked fine until today? This PC is only a week old, but I will run spyware to make sure. Do you recommend and particular scanner?

Spybot Search & Destroy is a good one, but make sure you update it as soon as you install it, to get the latest spyware definitions :slight_smile:

Also, a virus scan with whatever you have installed would be a good idea (if you have none installed, then Trend Micro’s Online scan is also good).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Got it…I’ll do it now & re-post with the results soon.

Good luck! (As in, I hope the programs find something, and get rid of it!) :slight_smile:

Can you PM me an email address that I can forward to you a copy of the email DVDfab generated? Maybe this will help?

Hi ubcoftexas,

I see Arachne is on this…so you’re in good hands.
Just received your pm, so I thought I’d respond here. I actually do remember something like this, I think back in the beta stages. I did receive a prompt asking me “IF” I wanted to send the .IFO files subsequent to an error, but it was totally voluntary and I was able to exit, with or without acquiescing to the request. To be honest, I had forgotten about it. As Arachne pointed out, it’s very strange that you received anything but a simple “…would you like to send the .IFO files…”

Anyway, you may want to try Ad-Aware as well…I find what spybot misses, this one picks up. It’s safe and free. I look for a link and be right back.


Here’s that link from Lavasoft.

Ad-Aware, another good one (I was racking my brains trying to think of more, LOL). :slight_smile:

What worries me is the “trying to access email contacts” bit - no way does that sound right :disagree:

That’s what got me too…I don’t mind the feedback for valid purposes, but I can’t imagine why they want my private email contacts.


Just thinking, re: my email to you…did you install the file from the email or from the link provided? and when, if it was from the link. Fengtao has fixed his links so that the original site is now the correct site, and the other site (the one that was working…temporarily DVDFAB.net) is no longer correct.

Anyway, this is now the correct site for Fab downloads:


I hope this makes sense.

It would seem at first glance that something is trying to harvest email addresses from you, as I couldn’t tell much from the email you forwarded to me.

Hopefully an adware/spyware/virus scan will pull something up. :slight_smile:

@maineman - a question for you. Is service[at]dvdfab.com a valid address that Fengtao uses?

No kidding!!!. that’s just wrong, period.

I used the link you gave me, not the file. Maybe I should delete the program and re-download again?

That’s probably a good idea, but the problem wasn’t in fab’s application. We all were downloading from there, at least temporarily.

Delete it, run the anti-spyware stuff. Microsoft has the final release of defender, it’s free and pretty good. Following the sweep(s), I would run a registry cleaner to attempt to prevent, whatever it is, from reloading.
Regseeker is safe (as cleaners go), free and very effective.

If still no go, maybe something like HiJack This will work.

Sounds like you have a trojan trying to harvest email addresses. This it what I use and I see they have a 30 day trial. I use the Panda Internet Security Platinum 2007 because I bought several OEM copies in 2005 and now they allow use on 3 computers. It has a great firewall and you have to allow access to sites you trust.


My apologies… :bow:
I’m just seeing your question now… :doh:

I’m not familiar with that address, but I can’t say for certain that it’s bogus or not. I generally pm Fengtao, on occasion I’ll email at Fengtao@dvdidle.com. Also, there is a support form available here: http://www.dvdidle.com/contactform.htm, but I’ve never used it.

Hehe, no probs. :wink:

I just asked because that’s the address ubcoftexas’s email went to, the one that was apparently generated by DVDFab :slight_smile:

I too use Panda Mac and can attest that it is a great program. Just another program to try is Ewido. They have a 30 day trial as well as a free version. Ewido is a very powerful program that I highly recommend if malware is present. Also, Panda offers an online scan that is free that will kill any viruses or trojans it finds. It won’t clean the spyware it finds, but will tell you the path where the infection lies. If you do indeed have an infection that none of these program can clean, I will be more than happy to assist you with with the clean up ubcoftexas.