DVDFab problems

I am new to this,having recently installed DVDFab Platinum. It worked alright for several days, then started this:
Appeared to copy the original, but when completed would not prompt me to insert a blank. After saving the file (DVDFab, temp) still would not try to initaite the burn process. Inserted a blank DVD-R (Nexxtech and Verbatim) and program did not appear to recognize it (got “insert blank media message” with disc in the drive)
Am using a Dimension 4400 desktop with an HP dvd1040i burner. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

By reading your post you have one DVD drive. Make sure the target and source are both pointed to that drive if you want to swap disks when the read is complete.

You were right about targeting it to the same drive, and the original is ejecting after the copy, but now I get the “no media detected in drive E” message after the blank is inserted. I have done a couple of clean uninstalls and reinstalled with no luck, and also used Verbatim blanks. Thanks for the quick reply, though.