DVDfab problems

I just purchased DVDfab platinum and tried to make backups of 3 DVDs I have. In all 3 cases the burned DVDs will not play in any DVD player. I have tried both + and -R DVDs and neither one will work. However they will play in the computer I burned them on, but no other computer or DVD player. They also show to be finalizing after they burn. I am using Windows Vista. Can anyone help me?

There is some change that you have to do with Vista, your best bet would be to go into the DVDFAB Forum for help, maybe you could get the MOD to move this thread over there, good luck :bigsmile:

I have having it moved asap. Thanks.:iagree:

I thought that is what I was doing when I posted this. This is the first time I have ever posted anything on a forum. I am sorry but I am not sure exactily what I am doing. The friend who turned me on to DVDfab could not figure out why it would not work so he told me to go to this forum and see if I could get some help. If you could tell me how to repost this where you are talking about I will. Thank you.