DVDFab problems - cannot initialize burning engine

I’ve been having a lot of trouble using DVDFab – BSODs, th lot. I’ve tried AnyDVD with similar results. I’ve reinstalled DVDFab and when I start it I get the message that it cannot initialize the burning engine. Pinnacle Istant CD/DVD is installed. I get a message from DVDFab ‘If this is a new installation restart the computer or re-instal the product’. I’ve done both but still get the same result. AnyDVD is also installed. Can this cause a conflict with DVDFab?

What burn engine are you using? Nero, IMGBurn, ect.

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Still, the program works for ripping to HD, only you can not use the built-in VSO burning engine for writing.

Are there posts missing from this thread? There is conflict with AnyDVD and DVDFab. Search this forum. The advice was to uninstall AnyDVD and its pieces and parts and clean the registry. I have some Pinnacle software installed (TV Center) and have had no conflicts with that, but it doesn’t have any burning functions. I would try uninstalling that as well (you can always put it back) and try re-installing DVDFab. The VSO burning engine that comes with Gold/Platinum is generally very well behaved.

Many thanks, [B]signals[/B]; will remove Pinnacle and AnyDVD, clean reistry and try again.

Hi totalnovice,

Basically, the idea here is to run only one decrypting application at any one time in order to avoid conflicts. Platinum 2.XXX used to co-exist with AnyDVD quite nicely and some of us would run both with great results, even though this was not recommended. This is no longer the case.

It should be sufficient just to exit the application completely rather than having to uninstall (this is not the same thing as simply disabling it in the taskbar/quick lauch). On your system it probably loads with every reboot/power on (runs in the background). The fox will appeared grey (not enabled) or red (enabled). It must be exited…right click and choose exit. I’m not sure with Pinnacle, you may want to disable at startup in msconfig.

I see signals has posted and is questioning missing posts…sorry if this adds confusion…he may well know something I don’t. If necessary, once you’ve uninstalled and run a reg cleaner, you should be able to have AnyDVD and platinum installed on your system. Many of us have multiple decrypters installed without issues, eg., platinum and AnyDVD.

Hope this helps.

I see my advice conflicts somewhat with what maineman posted, and if I have steered you wrong I apologize. :frowning: Although maineman’s advice is always solid, I think I would try it anyway; easy enough to re-install. I would also look for the thread(s) on conflicts with AnyDVD, there was good advice there on resolving conflicts that applied both to AnyDVD specifically and software issues in general.

[B]signals[/B] and [B]maineman[/B], thank you both for your input. I have uninstalled Pinnacle Instant CD/DVD, uninstalled AnyDVD, uninstalled DVDFab, cleaned the registry, re-installed DVDFab. When I start DVDFab it tells me it cannot initialize the burning engine and to restart the computer and/or re-instal the programme. I’ve done this. I still get the same message. I carry on and successfully split the 2nd disc of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ (it’s dual layer) but when I try to burn disc 1 of the split I get a crash report to send off. Why will DVDFab not initialize the burner?

When you install DVDFab, after the progress bar in the wizard finishes, do you get a smaller, darker blue progress box that says (I think) “Pcouffin.sys” at the top? (This may not be visible for long)

Did you choose VSO as default burning engine in the Common Settings?


Hi signals, I think your advice was right on the mark…sounds like you had the whole story…if anyone added confusion, it was me. This is funny stuff sometimes, I swear like vodoo. At times, I’ve done everything from a simple disable or maybe simple uninstall and reinstall, to a full swap out of my system hdd to a recent clone…you just never know…


Sorry, more questions,
What app and version are you using? (maybe I missed this?)
Has Fab ever worked properly for you ? (again, sorry if this has been covered).

I don’t think you missed anything: the early part of the thread seemed very disjointed and I wondered if some posts might have not made it over when it was moved. Must be suppertime in Inishfree. :slight_smile: I also wonder about the version and where the download came from. I don’t do many splits with Fab but I have never had it do this.

[B]Maineman[/B], [B]signals[/B] and [B]bigmacnc[/B], I downloaded DVDFab ver. from http://dl.element5.com. Yes, Pcouffin did show and instal. VSO burning engine was selected. Yes, and supper’s over.

Platinum v. is buggy…will not burn from ripped files from the hdd, causes crashes and other bad stuff, v. also has major issues. This, of course, is not true for all users. IMO, v. Beta was the last stable version, for me anyway and I believe for many users. Personally, I’d revert to this version and give it another shot. You’ll have to uninstall Fab and do a fresh new install, probably a good idea to run a reg cleaner again prior to the new install.
If you need v. Beta, drop me a pm with your email address…be glad to send it.

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Hello again totalnovice. If you’re up for it, give this a try:
Download and install from


Hope that helps. Post results and let us know.

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EDIT: Crossposted with maineman. Do try rather than; it was a stable release and has not been out that long ('though I have used it for several burns with great results).

[B]Signals[/B], will do.

At one point some of the download sites were the “non-decrypting” versions.
Not sure if that was resolved by the program’s author. The links in this forum were
fine but the link for is dead, as maineman noted. I also have and can
email it.


Get the new beta ( and download it from the link in the thread here in the forum. Let us know how it works out.