Dvdfab problem



hi guys im having a problem with using dvdfab trying to put a movie on a 4gb memory stick duo made by sandisk and its for a psp.its not working for to well anyone have a easy said way to doing it right??? thanks for the help:doh:


Are you using the mobile option? You should be able to use the mobile option for PSP since it has the conversion for it. What are your settings you are trying to use with dvdfab? I only copy full disc to dvd but I sure someone else on this forum will be able to help if you post the correct information. Need your logs


yes im using the mobile option and im telling it to put it in mpeg4-format it gives me 2 options and i heard mpeg4 is the way to go but i could be wrong but i kept all the other settings the same i didnt change anything.i actually have it trying to do it again as we are chatting and its taking a very long time it says theres 6 hrs left thats crazy dont you think???


i did use the mobile option clicked on psp and told it to convert to mpeg 4 which i was told was a good thing could be wrong but i dont know much about mpeg4 divx stuff so also i did not change anything in the settings so if i should that would be helpful to know and it is still trying to do right now and it says there is 6hrs left. this stinks when you wait all this time for nothing.although it does make 2 files which is psp file and a generic file???


I have not done PSP before but I did do a mobile to check for someone else on the forum for audio sinc problems and it took 5 hrs+ to finish it so it could be right. Just wait and see the final results and maybe another member will help you who does the PSP. Also you can ask A moderator to move this thread to the dvsfab section of this forum as you will get more and better help their


ok i hope it does work but man that takes a long time thank you very much!!!:wink:


Might get better help if you go to the DVDFAB Forum with your problem


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