DVDFab: Problem with selecting target

I am trying to help my brother figure out a problem he is having with DVDFab.

I recently helped him reinstall Windows Xp and applied all the patches and service packs. But when he uses DvdFab and goes to select the target destination the program locks up. If he reboots the computer and then runs dvdfab the problem has went away. We have tried it on numerous versions including the newest. But it is annoying to have to reboot the computer everytime he wants to rip a dvd.

Any help would be appreciated.

Try competely uninstalling DVDFab and do a clean install, Look for Stormjumper or PM him as he already has the instruct. to do a clean install already typed up, good luck :slight_smile:

Reason of doing a clean uninstall of DVDFab is
Some times programs can get files that become corrupt and When you a normal uninstall of DVDFab there are files and folders that are left behind and if you re-install DVDFab and you are still having trouble with the program not running right then one of the files that was left behind may be corrupt.
How to do a Clean uninstall of DVDFab Platinum/Gold
Uninstall DVDFab like you normally do, next open My Computer and go to c:\Program Files (OR) where ever you installed DVDFab and delete the DVDFab folder…now close Program Files
Since you are already have your “C” drive open go to “Documents and Settings \ OWNER” and open the “HIDDEN FOLDER” called “Application Data”…now go all the way down to “PCOUFFIN” that was left behind when DVDFab was uninstalled and delete ( NOTE ) there are 4 entries for the pcouffin delete “ALL 4”…close documents and settings
NOW the last thing you want to do in your “C” drive is to open the “WINDOWS folder \ PREFETCH folder” and delete the boot-up file for DVDFab (better known as the ".pf " file
it will look like this DVDFAB(PLATINUM or GOLD)3080.EXE- # # # # # # # #.pf (NOTE)where 3080 is the version number and where # is a number and or letter (string of 8 total ( NOTE ) delete all entries for DVDFAB…close the “C” drive
Now open “My Documents” and delete the DVDFab Folder (AND) the “PCSETUP” Folder …now close my documents
if you have anything in the Recycle Bin empty it NOW for the last two steps DO in order 1st do a Registry Clean up “REGSEEKER” or what ever you use after that Defrag your whole system NOW Reboot and re-install DVDFab ( NOTE ) DO NOT USE AN OLD download file of FAB that you have had on your computer "COULD be Corrupt RE-DOWNLOAD a new copy of the file

Best settings in the common settings \ Write are

Burning Engine …VSO
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media(DVD-5)size…4464 " by using custumize in the drop down"
Set Booktype…check

(NOTE) click OK NOT the close button on top

Thanks Tim :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the help. I will have him try this and see if it works. Ill report back here if this solves the problem.