DVDFAB problem, please help

Hey I saw this on 2 different forums but they were never really answered, people just found a way around it. I am using DVDFab and it worked fine for me for about 2 months. I am using an external samsung burner for my DVD-DL. When I hit Clone or Full Disc I get this sign “Please insert a compatable media to start the write process”. I never use to do that but now out of nowhere it does it. I haven’t been able to fix this problem. I have DVDFab Thanks for any help.

Are you able to burn to the same media using other programs? This will help to narrow down whether or not the problem is specifically with DVD Fab.

No it doesn’t even recognize a CD-R. 2 days ago I was making a backup DVD and when it got to the point where it started burning, my external burner went insane. It made loud noises that it never done before and started vibrating. It was as if it was having trouble spinning the DVD to burn. Would a DVD lens cleaner help? I really didn’t think DVDfab was at fault, it’s a good program.

Sounds like the spindle isn’t holding the disk and it is slipping.

What can I do to help that. Ever since that happened it wont recognize anything. It just sounds like its trying to read it. Then it’ll tell me to insert media.