DVDFab problem - Audio out of sync

I’m running DVDFab on Windows Vista.

When I rip a DVD to iPod format, the audio and video are out of sync.

Also, the video playback is normal but the audio is sped up. It’s like I’m watching a normal movie with a soundtrack provided by the Chipmunks. Thus, the audio is way ahead of the video.

Any idea how I can correct this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello Genius
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The one who cane help you the most on your issue is Signals but he is offline for the night sorry, when he comes online in the morning I sure you will get the help you need :smiley:

Wow, such misplaced confidence!:bigsmile: Just jumped in for a minute and saw this post and thought I would suggest that GeniusJ try the new beta V3.1.0.5, which can be downloaded form here in the forum, near or at the top of the “Read First” items on the first page. There have been changes in the way some of the codecs are operated and there are new iPod profiles that may fix the problem. Give that a try and post back with the results, I’ll check in again in the morning.:slight_smile:

Hi GeniusJ,

At first, I suggest you try latest beta to see the result:


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Cool - I will try this as I am having the same “Chipmunks” problem with “Friends Season 8.” Actually, some episodes are funnier that way.

I tried the beta and it didn’t make a difference. The problem is still there.

Do you have the sync problem when you play on PC with iTunes or other player software ?

Nope. And Cucusoft seems to be able to rip this particular DVD just fine (although Cucusoft is inferior in quality and it’s kinda choppy).


What your mean is the file is played ok in PC ? and only have problem in iPod ?

The problem is only happended for the particular DVD ? the other DVD convert file play no problem in iPod ?

The DVD plays just fine in the PC when I’m playing it as a DVD.

When I convert the DVD to iPod format using DVDFab, the audio is off. It seems to be just one or two DVDs so far.

I have the same problem,have post it before but nobody ansvers,the dvd plays fine on dvd player,but when i convert it to ipod whit dvdfab3 sound goes faster than the picture.

Ting needs to know if the MP4 file plays OK in the PC (not the DVD). There are new Profiles in IPod mode with the new beta ( Have you tried them all?

The MP4 plays ok on the pc.Some movies came out ok,but few has that problem.I jast downloaded ( converting the movie wright now,see what’s gonna happend.

Sorry for my not making my question easy understand first.

yes, like signals said, I need to know the MP4 file plays OK in PC, if the file is OK in PC, there are some other reasons for iPod cannot correct play.

now, I just guess, there are some special DVD, if your DVD have problem, please tell me the DVD volume( like Star War II … ), if I have this disc I will test it to find problem.


So far i have problem with:Resident evil apocalypse and Forgotten,the one that cameout ok is:The Grudge and Saw.

hi, Thanks for your information.

Did you select mainmovie title for convert to iPod ? which profile is your using, any change for this profile ?

There’s two mainmovie title one is 4:3 and the other is 16:9.I’ve selected 16:9.The profile is ipod.mpeg4.

If you select convert to ipod, there are two profile for ipod, one is ipod.mpeg4, one is ipod.h264, you can click "configure " to config all output param for the mp4 file, like size, bitrate … profile is a collection of all convert need params which will be saved in the folder of DVDFab_install dir\profiles, you can find it here.

You are so quickly, Thanks for your information!

Ok i jast finish converting Resident Evil,it works fine!!!It seems that ( fixed the problem,i’ll try:Forgotten,but i think there won’t be any problem.Thanks alot guys for a great job!!!

It looks like sl6680 has hijacked my thread here. (which is okay)

Ting, my MP4 file does NOT play okay on the PC. The audio is off. I am using the beta.