DVDFAB Platnium Installation Question



I just purchase DVDFAB Platnium and it appears that it is version (DVDFabPlatinumNonCSS3020) and I was wondering if I needed to install this then try to upgrade or use the download trial version ???


I dowloaded the trial version and then got a register key.Works great.


Hi Evin and welcome to cdfreaks,

Unfortunately, you inadvertantly downloaded the non-css version. You need the css version. You can download the most recent css version from Fengtao’s home site:

BTW, there’s no difference between the trial and full retail apps except the trial version expires in 30 days.
If you want the latest in Beta versions, Fengtao posts these on the dvdFab forum here on cdf:

Hope this helps.


Very good advise and suggestion to follow.