DVDFab Platinum

Will DVDFab Platinum combine VTS files into 1 avi file? I can’t make it work

DVDFab hasn’t been called Platinum for a very long time now. You must have an old copy.

You can update DVDFab here: www.dvdfab.com

You may not have the option to convert dvd-video (which is what I assume you mean by VTS files) into avi unless you pay for that part of DVDFab. There is a free section of DVDFab that will work as a decryption/ripping program to extract the movie from the disk and rip to the hard drive. It is called DVDFab HD Decrypter.

There are other, better options that don’t cost anything for avi conversions. Once you have the dvd decrypted and on the hard drive, you can use a program like AutoGK or AviDemux to convert them.



Thank you for your reply, I appreciate the links. I have version 8.1 of DVDFab and it does an option for video conversion. What “I” can’t seem to figure out is how to make 1 avi file out of all of the .vob files. DVDFab finds the files and it converts all of them into separate avi files. The color and sound are usually brilliant but I can’t figure out how to combine all the vob files into 1 complete avi file.