DVDFab Platinum

Hi there

Can anyone help me with this new dvd copying and burning software…DVDfab Platinum? I recently purchased the software but when I start to burn my copied dvd it says “the media in drive D: is single layer , insert double layer media to start the writing process”.

I have tried with 4*DVD-R DL i.e. dual layer recordable but still it is showing the same message again and again. I have even changed different brands like sony, verbatim and TDK but nothing works.

Is there anybody to help me with this? I have contacted DVDfab customer service twice last week via email but nobody has replied me yet neither they have any phone number ontheir site to call on.

I will appreciate the help.


Do you have DVD5 selected or is it at DVD9 at the bottom of the main screen when you insert a movie ? Make sure it is set to DVD5 at the drop down box. also there is a DVDFAB Forum here on CDFreaks where you can get help also, Your ISP may be blocking the email as they are in China

Dear Jimbo

That was really helpful. I appreciate your prompt reply and support.