DVDFab Platinum

Hi All

New member to the forum so first help post, I have been using DVFfab Platinum trial version and have now taken the plunge and purchased, however since purchasing I cannot copy home coped DVD discs although I was always able to on the free version, I have the lastest Plat version so cannot understand problem.
The program runs to stage 3 within seconds and then gives a error code.
Any ideas.

There is no difference between trial and purchased. Purchasing just removes the time limit. Trail is not a toned down version and has to be downloaded prior to activating any Fab Product. Now if you will post more information on your problem, someone will help you.


As Mack said, give us a little more to go on. From what site did you download, and where did you purchase? There are only 2 tasks in most of the DVD-DVD functions, so explain a little more about what mode you are using when you say it gets to stage 3 and then has a problem. Many fellow users are ready to help.:slight_smile: And please post the error code and any numbers that follow it.