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Hello The Group, I hope I am not starting a string that has been discussed before
I Upgraded to the purchased DVDFab Platinum the othere day and followed the download intructions – I belive to the letter.
I recived an email with my registration code ect and went a head with instalation but was never asked for nor given a window to install that registration.
I was advised by support – to uninstal make sure I had the trial versin then download Platinum again which I have done WITH THE SAME RESULTS There was an enclosere file in the Email I receved on purchase and on opening that I was told that the “Product Would Reopen to enable regestered Version”
and so the product opened ----- But the program just seems to have Very few capabilities and I am unable to find Instruction or support
ANy assistance/advice PLEASE
Clive :bow:


Welcome to the forum Cllive! From what site did you download and what agency of support did you receive the instructions to reinstall? And what capabilities seem to be missing/non-functional? There is no trial version as such, only a trial period. The “free trial” version is the full version of the program.


Thanks for the prompt reply
If I remember It was an upgrade from DVD Decrypt that set me on the road to Platinum I guess I was hoping for some ABC 123 instructions but am still unable to find any.
I have enclosed a copy of the email that arrived with my payment confimation includer with this email was the eclosure to activate the program HOPE THIS IS NOT OVER KILL InFORMATION My OS by the Way Is XP Home ED SP2 ****************************************************************************
element 5 Order number: EDITED BY alan1476

This e-mail was generated by a mail handling system. Please do not reply
to the address listed in the “From” field.
Please read the CUSTOMER SERVICE section for answers to your questions.

We recommend that you make a backup copy of this e-mail (e.g. print out a
hard copy).

Dear Mr. EDITED BY alan1476

Thank you for your order. element 5 processes orders and collects payments
on behalf of Fengtao Software Inc…


A. Brief information on product delivery
B. Details for product delivery for DVDFab Platinum 3 and additional
information from the publisher
C. Technical Support
D. Customer service

A. Brief information on product delivery

  1. Use the license key to unlock the product (see below).

  2. Download the trial version at:
    EDITED BY alan1476
    File Size: 5.3 MB
    Download Time: Modem/ISDN ~ 12 Min. == DSL/Cable ~ 1 Min. ==
    T1/1.5Mbit ~ 1 Min.

Please note that you will not receive a delivery by postal mail.

B. Details for product delivery for DVDFab Platinum 3 and additional
information from the publisher

  1. License key for unlocking the product

The product is licensed to “Clive BUNDY SRN RMN”.

You will find your license key for “DVDFab Platinum 3” in the attachment to
this e-mail.

Some e-mail clients and Internet providers do not allow attachments. If
you did not receive
the attachment, please download the license key at:
EDITED by alan1476
Please Note: We recommend making a backup of this file as the URL is valid
for 7 days only.

  1. Download the trial version

You can download the product “DVDFab Platinum 3” at
File Size: 5.3 MB
Download Time: Modem/ISDN ~ 12 Min. == DSL/Cable ~ 1 Min. ==
T1/1.5Mbit ~ 1 Min.

Sometimes particularly long links are divided across two lines in an e-mail
program - this means that clicking on the link will not always allow the
user to navigate to the correct Website. To ensure that the download page
can be accessed correctly, please highlight the entire link with your
mouse, right click, and then select “Copy”.

Instead of using your mouse, you can also copy the link by pressing “CTRL”

  • “C”, and then paste the link by pressing “CTRL” + “V” (Windows) and
    "Command" + “c” and “Command” + “v” for Macintosh.

Make sure that the link does not contain any line breaks. Then paste the
entire link into the address bar of your Web browser and press enter.

The URL is valid until 27-FEB-2007.

The following information is from the publisher and may be written in
another language:

How do I unlock my product with the registration key?

Depending on your method of payment (credit card, money transfer), you will
either receive a download link for the registration key right away or you
will receive an e-mail with a mail attachment after a couple of days.

To activate the registration key, double-click it. The demo version of the
product you have purchased must be installed for this to work. When you
restart your product it will be unlocked and registered to you.

C. Technical Support

If you have any content-related or technical questions about the product,
please contact Fengtao Software Inc. directly.
You can contact the publisher at the Website
http://www.dvdidle.com/support.htm for technical support.

D. Customer service

Questions about your order, payment, or delivery?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions / Contact:

Your order data:

Viewing PDF documents:
You can download Adobe Reader free of charge from the following location:

Your element 5 Team

element 5 - a digital river company

DVDFab Suport Team

Many Thanks frpm a complete Beginer


You may not have the current version. Download not from element 5’s site but rather from the link provided in the “DVDFab is Out” thread which should be near the top of the list on the forum home page. Save the new download file, then install (it should install over the other version OK) Then double click on your key file to register and all should be well. This is a travel day for me so I won’t be back online until evening East Coast USA time, but others will be along with assistance if needed. Glad to have you in the community of DVDFab users, I think you will be very happy with the software.


Will Try As Soon As Possible and keep you Informed


Just recieved advice (and Welcome To) thanks Paul!!! — that I may have Exposed Data In My Message Numbered 3 Any futhur advice on how to remove message
MANY APOLOGIZE FOR the Lack Off expertize


Yup, just pm a moderator.
alan is usually the most visible on the Fab forum.

And I second the welcome to cdfreaks… :iagree:

Just an FYI, you have the ability to edit your own post…but this expires in 30 minutes.


I am learning FAST and will have to make a hard copy of the Messages. I’m not quite from the era of the Quill and Parchment era but remain happier with paper in my hand!!!
I have been going over “Platinum” and wonder if my problem is in “common settings” and my inability to TICK THE RIGHT BOX so to speak!!
Is there an instruction page available and how soon is the – TUTORIAL – COMING SOON going to be.
Sincerely and seriously thank for being tolerant with a slow learner, I usually get there in the end “With a Little Help From My Friends”
Clive – a Damp WELSH MAN – We are from the land Of the LEEK


I will edit you e-mail now. No problems.


I took care of it maineman, thanks for the headsup.:clap:


Thank you Allan 1476
Much appreciated – Will Sign up to CD Freaks


You are very welcome and we are happy to have you. Come back soon:clap:


Thanks Tom and Alan for helping Clive out. I was in a crunch this morning trying to get on the road, so I PM’d Clive and Alan. Should have known our Eagle Scout would come along and help out as well:clap: .