DVDFAB Platinum

I just got DVDFab Platinum, after using FABExpress for a while. I started having issues with some movies that would either skip the last 5-10 minutes, or become unplayable at the end. I purchased superman the other day, and was going to make a backup disk (copy), just in case so my son uses it not the good one. Only issue is that the last few minutes are now hosed up. (it freezes, then skips a few second, the does it again for the last 5 minutes)You can watch it until about the last 3 - 5 minutes. Has anyone seen this issue before? Advice would be kewl. I bought the full version hoping to remedy this issue, and it doesnt work. It is a hit or miss on movies. I have copied 3 movies since buying it, and 2 work normal, but superman doesnt. It doesn’t error code, so you dont know till you watch it till the end.

This is a common problem not just with this software but all other software I tried as well. The solution I found was not to burn to the capacity of the disk. Keep the size under 4200Mb. It worked for me. I always have perfect backups. Good luck.

This is a symptom of marginal media/burner compatability. Try reducing burn speed to 4X. I did this following a recommendation from someone on this forum and I can burn almost right to the edge at 4X. I have the DVD5 size set at 4464 MB, which also results in less (or no) compression.

Yep, it’s probably the media.

Another suggestion though - buy quality media in future, you won’t regret it :wink:

I don’t know guys. I think it maybe something else. Iv’e burnt 4X-16X till the 4464 point with no problems on tons of disc(On Good and lesser quality media). Need my quality. I think its a copy protection thing. This movie was doing this at the start of it too, as seen in that other thread. Though my burner is a multi-speed burner, and it slows down past the 4200 mark.

It’s possible that it’s the media but I’m not convinced. If my earlier post does not solve the problem than the problem could be many things not necessarily the media. I have been using what many people consider “cheap” or “inferior” media for years with a very high rate of success and whenever I had a problem and got to the bottom of it it was never the media. For those of you who have money to “burn” and are convinced that only big name brand media is the only alternative to successful back ups I wish you continued good luck but I refuse to pay 3 or 4 times the price for name brand media so they can pay for their massive advertising much of it on the web.

Cheap media often turns out more expensive in the long run as many of us have found to our cost.

In truth Verbatim media (for example) doesn’t cost that much more than some of “cheap” stuff & generally the burn success rate is higher and less problems close to the disk edge.

That’s my opinion but it’s a case of whatever works for you.

Yeah me too. Ive used those “what many people consider “cheap” or “inferior” media” too. Only like 5 coasters in a vast sea of successful burns. I think it depends on how your burner likes those disc, your defrag status and the quality of your home dvd player. Though they have verbatims on sale in my area just as cheap as the lesser media. So i tend to buy those lately.

Purchasing marginal or crappy media just doesn’t make sense. I’ve been buying TY’s and verb’s for quite some time…I wait for the sales and I end up paying $0.10-0.25 each (usually includes shipping) and maybe up to $0.30 for YUDEN000 T02 (TY +R) and $1.50 for verb DL +R (delivered)…not bad for top shelf media. Yeah, we’ve all got some marginal media that held up pretty well, but start checking some of your older burns and you may be surprised… :eek:

The advantages of high quality media are multi-fold: increased reliability, longevity - increased and more consistent; compatibilty is better; less predisposition to problems when burning closer to the edge…the dye tends to thin, rotational speed increases, more wobble, yada, yada…true of all media, but markedly increased with marginal or inferior media.

Inappropriate burn speeds are certainly part of the equation here, but as complicated a process as this is, using marginal media doesn’t make sense.

Just my 2 cents…

Cheap media is not necessarily bad media. That is the reason that you need to know what to look for. Unless I am doing a DL where Verbatim rules, I use Taiyo Yuden SL -R 4X and - means dash not minus. I buy these in quantities of 200 for 25-30 cents each delivered. The following site has good information about media:

I also use a BenQ 1625 to burn with, so I can use their utility Qsuite to check blank media for a projected success rate before burring, when using the DL media.

There are some good books on DVDs and how they work. I own “DVD Demystified” and “DVD Design and Workshop”.

FYI if you could separate the tracks on a DVD the sting would circle the Indianapolis Speedway(2 1/2Miles) over 3 times. Thats a long track.


I also use Taiyo Yuden 4.5 DVD-R which is an excellent product made in Japan. The only other type disk I use is DVD-R DL. The brand I use is made in Taiwan by perhaps the largest manufacturer of DVD media in the world. Besides their own brands they make media for many large companies all over the world marketed under various well known brands. The differences in the manufacturing process are insignificant to the consumer. How do I know? Lets just say I have inside information. Actually, I have been to the factory in Hsinchu, Taiwan. I have a friend that works there. Figure out the rest yourself. My point in relation to the original post is that media brand probably has nothing to do with the problem this member is having. I still think the problem is somewhere else. I have already suggested a possible solution.

Everyone is intitaled to their opinion. The fact remains that using poor quality media is the cause for most DVD problems. CMC Magnetics is the largest producer of media in the world. But that by noway means that their media is the best or even close. They manufacter Verbatim media but use a different dye than they do for most other media made by them. I would not use their media because the price difference is not that great when yuo can buy Taiyo Yuden for .30 cents a disc. It all depends on the user, it is their right to use whatever media they want, but I think that most users here will agree that most MIT media is ok at best. ( Excluding Verbatim) which can be very good or just ok depending on the batch you get.

the way it was explained to me,and this is true for some brands such as WINDATA,is that your cheaper discs such as windata,valu disc etc. are actually your higher quality discs that have certain flaws and are purchased in bulk by other companies and sold with their name, scanned my discs with nero one pack of discs were verbatim the other was some disc never even heard of Taiyo Yuden

Check out this link, very informative.

You can obtain your media code (MID) with a number of utilities such as Nero CD-DVD Speed and DVD Identifier

Hope this helps.

Rock ‘n’ Roll. folks! Fengtao’s code rox! Can use any old crap dvd’s on my 6yo burner with no problems. I’ve spent loads on other crap which claimed to put a dvd on to a cd, but Fengtao’s code really stands up to anything I can throw at it.
Thanks, Fengtao! Maybe if I win the lottery, I’ll even get to meet yah.
Keep rockin’.

This is not true. Any disk made by a reputable manufacturer is scrapped if it’s found to have any flaws during the manufacturing process through Quality Control. A brand name such as Verbatim is not necessarily manufactured by them. Another company can make it for them with their name and made to their specs. Manufacturers often refer to this as “Private Brand”. One last thing and I won’t say anymore. I don’t know where many of you live but in the Toronto area a Verbatim DVD-R DL (which is the media I use most) costs twice the price of the brand I use. I think I live in the wrong place. There’s no question whatsoever that Verbatim is a quality product. I would never dispute that. I hope the member that started this thread will post here if and when he finds the solution. Amen.

Advice that’s worth far more than .02 IMO. Look over the threads reporting strange playback issues, poor burn success rates etc. Almost all can be related to off-brand media. As maineman pointed out, good media can be had at junk media prices if you shop carefully and buy on sale. Your burn software and burner firmware are more likely to have a good burn strategy available for name brand media, improving the success rate.