Dvdfab platinum worth alternative?

I use titleset blanker and dvd shrink now (after using dvdfab free version to decrypt first of course).

Is it worth paying $50 (would only buy it when onsale) for the convience of being able to do customize my dvds in one program? Via check boxes instead of having to go through all the vobs (less than 1gig in size) by dragging them into powerdvd to see what they are so I don’t accidentally delete part of the movie :slight_smile:

I don’t have any use for the conversion options (portable…)

With what you want to do, no. VobBlanker or PgcEdit will easily do that for you and more.

Whether it is worth it depends on how much value you place on convenience. Personally, I prefer DVDFab to having to run 3 or 4 applications to back up a movie. DVDFab’s Preview window is not as good as Shrink’s but is good enough for most customizing, and Fab Platinum will let you customize with or without retaining menus (Shrink won’t–and you’re back to 3 or 4 applications for this functionality without Platinum). When you consider all the functions, integrated burning engine and (frequent) lifetime updates I think it’s a great bargain. And who knows, an iPod may be in your future:) --and you would pay Platinum’s on-sale cost just for the iPod converter with competing products.

why not download the 30 trial of dvd platinum and see for yourself. For me, it was worth every penny. no more hassling w/ several programs. simply put in the disc and click on the option you want, and you are through. the support is second to none!

I ended up buying it (moment of weakness? :slight_smile: Now if I could just get this dam reg key to work I would be good to go… Emailed support so hopefully they can send me a working key.

It says thanks for registering… restart program and yet still the free edtion (reinstalled, restarted computer and still nothing).

Glad to have you as a fellow user, I don’t think you will ever regret it. If you are copying and pasting the key, instead try just putting the keyfile on your desktop and double clicking it.

platinum version I’m using. Can’t seem to find anywhere to cut and paste the code into. I tried double clicking on the key file (tell it to open with dvdfab) and same thing everytime. No matter what drive or path I execute it from…

Thanks for the tip though. I think I might have to try and do some registry hunting tommorow :slight_smile: