DVDFAB Platinum won't Auto decrypt on DVD Insert

Hello Guys,
I have a strange problem…when I insert a retail dvd in one of my dvd drives to make a backup, DVDFAB Platinum will not autostart and pick up the dvd inserted in my drives. I have recently upgraded my OS to Vista Ultimate… I used to have an on off problem with my previous XP Pro SP2 also…Fab is recognizing all the drives in the target window…I have added Fab to the Vista Dep Exception list…this has made no difference…Fab will currently work on a VIDEO_TS folder but not directly from a retail dvd…I am lost …can anyone help?


Do you have [B][I]any[/I][/B] other decrypter program running (AnyDVD - DVD43, etc)

If so - remove the program and reboot-eh!!

Nope! There is an obvious message that pops up if by chance you have Anydvd running in the background…that tells you to uninstall …so no I have no obvious progs running in the background…But I do have the latest Alcohol 120…this has the same problem…won’t recognize any data media ! It will copy from a loaded image from the virtual drive…! But will not copy from Physical dvd or cd media :frowning:

Try taking DVDFab out of the Automatic I/O control mode in Common Settings–>Read. Try setting to SPTI (may need reboot); if that does not work, try ASPI (don’t know if Vista will allow ASPI layer). Let us know what you find.

Other known program conflicts: Nero InCD, Roxio

I have tried Force ASPI…no change…:frowning: Nero Incd is not installed…No Roxio…
Looks like its a general Windows fault…anything else I can try?

I have completely re-installed vista ultimate with a clean install…and installed Fabdvd 3140…as the ONLY burning software…IT STILL WILL NOT Recognize a retail dvd…now this takes my problem to a different level!
Completely new install…no other conflicting software…only FABDVD installed…still the same problem!!
Now I am totally lost!
Can anyone help?

Hi xsquad
Can you use Media Player 11 or WinDVD or another DVD player software to view the retail DVD on your system :confused:
also in your first post you said “[B]I used to have an on off problem with my previous XP Pro SP2 also[/B]” what was the problem you was having with XP did it have anything to do with your DVD dirve :confused:

After extensive research and head scratching the solution to my problem has been found…! It can’t be done ! :o
Under Vista MS have installed extensive Content Protection under various “Flags”…namely Conditional Access, Copy Protection, Digital Rights Management and Link Protection…for those of you that need further info please read here :


Other contributors to the forum have suggested that perhaps something more sinister than a bug in the Vista code is responsible, and are pointing the finger at DRM, claiming that this is being applied as the files travel across the system bus and referring users to Peter Gutmann’s excellent article on Vista DRM, which can be found here


Following a lack of response from MS, various users are reporting that they are going back to XP - or even deserting MS software altogether in favour of Linux.
Looks like it may be back to my previous incarnation :XP PRO SP