I was wondering if anyone knew whether DVDFAB Platinum can remove more encryption then DVD Cloner III.

ALSO: I have used Shrinkto5 and the Machinist2.dll. The maker of the Machinist2.dll claims that it can remove more encryptions then AnyDVD, dvd43 and DVDFAB Platinum and so on. I was wondering if anyone has any views on this subject.

The only reason why i ask is because i copied Lee Evans: XL Tour Live 2005 (I do own it; need to back it up before it gets scratched) and it copied it fine (well), then I watched it and at the end of the main movie it had a lot of video that was not even on the original DVD. The video was load of pixelated multicoloured squares. I guess this could be a encryption problem.

P.S I uninstalled all other DVD software and left Nero on there just in case it affected anything, but did not help.

Never used it, but have heard that it might be a substitute for DVD Shrink. So being me, I used my old faithful Google and found:


so judge for yourself.