DVDFab Platinum vs AutoGK

I was wondering, when I use AutoGK to backup my movies at 100% quality, under Advanced Settings, I choose Maximum width, Original Audio, and Forced Subs in XviD format… in DVDFab what would be the equivalent to these settings? Forced subs is a no-brainer, but for audio video I’d love to know simply because I like making archival copies for travel purposes.

In DVD to Mobile, use the Generic Xvid+audiocopy profile. On the first page, select the title and audio/subpic streams that you want and put a check in the box for Display Forced subpics only. One the Settings page, select the largest screen size, run the video bitrate slider all the way to the right (if file size is no object)and select Direct Render to Video for the subs. You may also want to turn on cropping if the source is WS-LB to prevent wasted bits encoding black bars. Not sure what AutoGK defines as 100% quality, but this is as close as you will get using Xvid in DVDFab. H264 sure looks better to me for an equivalent bitrate.

I’m no expert on AutoGK by any means, before I purchased DVDFab Platinum I used DVDFab HD Decrypter and AutoGK for shrinking and all that. According to Doom9, “Auto width will leave it up to AutoGK to select the resolution that looks best given your selected size (number of CDs). Or, you could also select either a Minimum width or Fixed width by selecting the appropriate option and using the width field to enter the width. Note that both options could potentially degrade the quality of your output (for instance you could select a width that is too large, and your movie would look better if AutoGK could select a lower width).” When I archive I usually done the 100% quality option with AC3 audio, forced subs, XviD codec and Maximum Width… for travel purposes I used 1 CD (700MB), Auto Width, Auto Audio and Forced Subs. I like AutoGK, but development on it from what I hear has ceased and I ship off for the Army on Monday, so I’m trying to simplify the process for my wife to backup any DVDs she may purchase while I’m gone (you know how women are!).