DVDFab Platinum version 3



After I installed the version 3 over my older version 2 it keeps coming up and telling me to enter my registration. After I enter it, it says thank you and that it will re-start with the registered version…after it closes it comes back up and says I must enter my registration number…it keeps looping and looping and doing the same thing and doesn’t ever open. Driving me nuts!

So, I have emailed tech support time and time again over the past couple of weeks yet no reply…I don’t understand why they don’t have a phone number to call or at least email me back.

Can anyone help me with this problem!!??


use this link
http://www.dvdfab.com/contact.htm You need a different key for V3.


You can use the link that Allen posted to change your email address if it has changed since you purchased. Email addresses are the way fengto’s database of users is setup, so if it has changed change it first. I think the server updates once daily so wait a day before using the auto send to retreive a new key. You can use the auto send to retrieve a new key immediately if your email address is still the same.



We have had the same problem. We’ve been trying since November to get the key for version 3. We’ve sent over a dozen e-mails to customer support as well as trying the “request new key” option… we have yet to get anything from any of our attempts. Our address has not changed since we first registered our product… it is VERY frustrating. If anyone can offer some help, that would be great… like the other guy said, a phone number would be great!!


PLEASE READ post #2 in this thread about needing to use a new Key and use the link Alan as posted


Another person was having the same problem until he found out that his server’s spam blocker was blocking his email, thinking it was spam ,you might want to check that out