DVDFab Platinum Trial



I downloaded trial version of DVD Fab Platinum about 1-1/2 weeks ago with the intention of buying the package. Several days ago, my computer had to be formatted and I lost everything. I’d like to download the DVDFab Platinum again, but don’t know what to do since I already had a trial version with a little more than 2 weeks left on the trial version. I think it worked fine compared to what I was using before (DVD Cloner IV). How do I proceed - as a new trial version or will you be able to detect the number of days I had left from the original trial?


Your to honest :wink: i’d say go ahead and try it some more with a new trial period and see if you still want to purchase it :iagree:


Yeah, I agree with Bob. Since you had to reformat, just download it again and begin fresh. There’s nothing illegal or unethical with what you’re doing. Your honesty is commendable.
I’m certain Fengtao won’t mind…:wink:


I just have to add something too. Go ahead and start over with your free trial. I still have everyday left for my free trial as I bought dvdfab platinum before I tried it. You will like it and buy it and I am shocked you lasted 2 weeks without buying it already