DVDFab Platinum stops in Finalizing stage

Hi to all
I hope someone can help me on this very little problem I have !, I been doing backup copies for some time now and have never ever had problems like most people do.

The problem I have is with DVDFab Platinum ! anyway when I use dvdfab I can make a backup of anything I have “as long as I use a DVD+R Disc” if I try and use a DVD-R disc the program working during the last part of the finalizing stage it gets to 75% or so then stops or crashes.
The thing I don’t understand is my DVD writers are HP 740i and HP 740e and can read and write with the following,

ALL files,movie or what ever is burned to the disc is on the disc just have to shut down cumputer to get the disc out
Does anyone know what the problem is ?, could use the help
PS …OS is Windows XP Pro (upgrade) if it matters :confused:

You should ask the authors of this tool then.

Transferring to DVDFab support forum… :wink:

I would say first to try the discs you have in another computer, maybe they are defective. The next thing I would try is to buy some real quality dash media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and burn at 8X speed and see if you still have the problem with dash media. And also Welcome to the CDF Forum, we are here to help you.

Welcome StormJumper:

I use Taiyo Yuden 4X -R for most of my burns without problems. Check the common settings and make sure you do not have Burn +R as DVD-Rom checked.


Hi Mack
First of all let me just thank you!! :slight_smile: I have been reading problems others have and you seem to help alot of them out :clap: .

Anyway in common settings I thank you was talking about
the check box where it states "Set booktype to DVD-ROM (Only for DVD+R/RW media)
in the write section if so that box is not checked.
I have the files on my HD and was compressed by DVD Shrink :confused: could that be the problem ?

That was box that I was referring to.

Are you referring to the files you are trying to burn, if not other files stored on HD should not make a difference.

Did your HP drives come with a setup CD that includes a program to set up the drive?

Only other thing could be a program trying to run in the background, I know mine will stop if security suite finds a new update, but starts back if I minimize the fab window and close that pop up.

I’ll try to find a solution for you.


Hi Mack
The files I was talking about are the movie files that I have on my HD !
that was done by dvd shrink so anyway I was thinking maybe it was something dvd shrink did so I rip “The Abyss” to my HD using DVD Magic Ripper and got the same problem.
I did try both burners and got the same response, when I got my HP 740b writer (LightScribe) all it came with was a NERO OEM Suite disc, and my HP 740e same thing.

When DVDFab Platinum stop during finalizing (70 to 75%) I have to close the program down by right clicking it on the task bar and selecting close and then selecting the END NOW on the Program not responding dialog, plus I can’t get the disc out unless I shut down my system and when I do I get another dialog that states the “tfswctrl.exe” ls not responding so I click on END NOW.

Did a check on the tfswctrl.exe and found that it as something to do with DLA (Direct Letter Access) and the Veritas software (RECORD NOW) that I have, could this be the problem ? the thing that I don’t understand is that I can use imageburn and also CloneDVD2 with no problem using both burners…???

Sounds like DLA is trying to access the drive as well, or something. Anyhow, the program is definitely known to cause problems.

Definitely uninstall DLA if you can, should be in Add/Remove Programs.

IMO, all packet writing software is evil, including DLA and Nero’s InCD :slight_smile:

Get rid of DLA and Nero’s InCD. They’re horrible and cause lottsa problems.

@Arachne, I like the “evil” characterization and from such a cute, cuddly little kitty too… :bigsmile:
So how long are your claws anyway?.. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you still have problems, disconnect from the internet and disable your firewall(s) and try again. Most of these issues have been resolved in Fab 3.XXX, but it still pops up once in a while. You may have to re-configure your firewall.

I make exceptions for packet-writing software :bigsmile:

And my claws…they’re reserved for spammers :bigsmile:

…ooooh, I may just start spamming… :stuck_out_tongue:

Why don’t you just use DVDFab Platinum for thr whole process?


Hi Mack will DVDFab Platinum compress dvd-9 onto a dvd-5?
I used a TDK DVD+R and had no problem with “The Abyss” that I have on my HD when I start the program it starts burning the minute I click on start “BUT” when I use a TDK DVD-R it starts in copying status? :confused:

Speaking for Mack (as another old man and friend of his, I get to do this), he’s probably sleeping right now, like I should be.

Yes, platinum will compress a dvd9 to a dvd5, no problem. It’s a very comprehensive and easy to use program. Take a look at it’s features on Fengtao’s home site:



Hi Maineman
I know that it will copy a dvd-9 to two dvd-5 disc but it did not say anything about beibg able to compress 5, 6 or 7 GB onto a dvd-5, most main movies are over 5GB and some are over 6


I copy most full discs to TY-R 4X DVD5s with out problems.


Yeah, the amount of compression is a function of:

  1. the file size of the original disc (source)
  2. the “target” size" chosen within the app, ie., dvd5 or dvd9 (note the %)

The default “target” size for dvd5 is 4300 MB.
So, for example, approximate size of original disc
= 8600 MB > compression would be 50% for a dvd5 or 100% for a dvd9
= 6450 MB > compression would be 75% for a dvd5 or 100% for a dvd9
= 4300 MB > compression would be 50% for a dvd5 or 100% for a dvd9

Sorry for the confusion…I just glanced at the link before I posted… :o …my bad.
The old website stated specifically that it could copy dvd9 to dvd5…

Hope this helps.


^…should read

= 4300 MB > compression would be 100% for a dvd5 or 100% for a dvd9