DVDFAb Platinum Speed

First off I want to say Thanks for a great product!

I have a quad-core processor, but when I encode to PSP, each core is only going about 20-25%.

are there any settings that can take advantage of the CPU and use the cores to their fullest.

The closest thing I have found is XVID4PSP… It nearly pegs all four cores to about 98% and hauls ass. It’s just doesn’t do a very good job at sorting out individual titles, etc out of a DVD (i.e. TV epsisodes) like DVDFab does,


Sounds like maybe a read speed bottleneck. What kind of encoding rate does Fab report during the process?

I have the same problem. Only about 25-50% CPU utilization. I only using iPod (MPEG4 and 5.5G H264 profiles). Both CPUs are enabled in CPU affinity. Only 10 - 15 fps in H264 conversion and 45 - 48 fps in MPEG4. The peak CPU utilization is 52%.

I’m no expert, but it may not be a strong processor alone. Your seek time on you hard drive could bottleneck you too. I have a raid config on my hard drives w/ P4 cpu and I can rip an average movie in about 5 minutes and burn it (8x dvd) at about 7 minutes.

I get variable speeds with Platinum too. I find some movies get all the way up to 17MB/sec and others get to about 5MB/sec. I cant figure that out either.

Same here. I think it has to do with the encoded bit rate of the original disc, and they vary a lot. My range for any of the DVD->DVD modes is 4-10 MB/s, MPEG-4 modes 50-70 fps.

I agree with you signals. When I installed my new 3.4 gig EE, [socket 478] I really expected my read times to speed up alot. :confused: Well they did to a point. As you said, my read speeds went from 4-7.5 MB/s, to approx. 6-10.5 MB/s with a higher avg. speed. :smiley: I believe my problem is my HDD. It’s only a 2 MB cache. So I believe that’s my bottleneck. But, it works flawlessly so since it’s not broke, I’m not fixin’ it, lol. Savey ! ~ Mike :bigsmile:
P.S.- Just to show you how much different movie’s encoding are, try backing up copies and you’ll see how much varyance there is from one movie to the next. It’s been said on this forum why copy a copy. The biggest reason is because it takes sometimes half the time. I mean, why spend 23 to 26 min backing up a full movie a second time when you can do the previous back up in 14 min. I mean, you already own the movie right ! :slight_smile:

I agree about speed if I convert to MP4 directly from DVD, because DVD read speed is limited, but if I copy DVD to hard disk and then convert the speed is the same. Other software (tmpgenc 4 xpress, nero recode) can convert more faster and use much more CPU (between 75-95% instead 50%).

has this been fixed? when i use dvdfab mobile option converting to generic i dont see all of the processors being used. I got a phenom II X4 940

[quote=freak19;2231577]has this been fixed? when i use dvdfab mobile option converting to generic i dont see all of the processors being used. I got a phenom II X4 940[/quote]This is a two year old thread. What version number are you using, and which of the Generic profiles? What encoding rate (fps) does DVDFab report during the conversion?

I am using the latest beta and using the xivd+mp3 profile and i am getting around 90fps with my quadcore overclock to 3500mhz while with the dual core that i just replaced it with was going around 80fps overclock only to 2800mhz. when looking at the core usage i see that the program is hardly using all 4 cores. by the way what is the difference between the generic xvid+mp3 prfile and the achros the you created that was recently built in?