DVDFab Platinum - small help

So I’d like to burn several video clips (the 13 zelda cartoon episodes) using DVDFP but it needs them to be ISO files. The episodes are avi. How can I convert them and put them together w/ DVDFP?

I’d like them to be 13 individual episodes on one disk, not one giant file. Each is about 125MB for a total of ~1.7GB.

use imgburn in build mode. this will write the files directly to dvd no converting involved. or you can use imgburn in build image mode and create an ISO file containing the avi files.

now if you are wanting a dvd video compliant output then try favc or dvd flick for converting avi to dvd.

So if I use Imgburn, it won’t be able to play on a standalone dvd player?

you can play avi files on standalone dvd player if the player is DivX compatible. if you plan on watching alot of avi files, then i suggest spending the extra $50 to get a DivX player [if you dont already have one], instead of spending hours of re-coding avi to dvd. then just to lose quality and audio sync. :slight_smile: