DVDFab Platinum shuts down computer after copying DVD to folder

For some reason, when I copy a DVD to a folder on my hard drive, it’s shutting my computer down after it’s finished copying. I don’t have the checkbox selected, and my laptop’s not hot whatsoever. If I copy it to a DVD, it works fine, but I have to copy to the hard drive until I go buy some more DVDs. Any suggestions? Thanks.

What version are you using, i.e. 5.what? Does it do it every time? I do this a lot too, but have never had this happen, but I have not done any with the new release, Make sure you don’t have the “memorize UI” box checked either, it could be “remembering” once when you did have the shutdown box checked.

I’m using the new release. I’m not sure where the “memorize UI” box is, but I don’t remember ever changing any option like that…

“Memorize user interface options” is the second checkbox in Common Settings->General. I’ll try one tomorrow when I am not too sleepy to watch it as it finishes. :slight_smile: zzzzzzzzz