DVDFab Platinum problems

Don’t know how to use it. I want to copy just some parts of the DVDmovie but I don’t even reach the stage of making a selection.
Inside DVDFab I create a new map on my desktop I want to copy it to, that goes well.
But as soon as I give the order to continue, I get the message that my new map is not recognized as a DVD map. And the program doesn’t work then.
How do I solve this? I can’t find anything inside the program that shows me the solution. Help!!!

Please give us more information. You can choose main movie only and then the format, audio lang and subtitles. It does sound like a problem that I addressed in other posts. I’ll try to post the link later. Fab expects to see C:
ame_of_Movie\DVD as a \DVD\ folder. In Express if you have a folder named to store DVDs in, just put name of the movie and Express will add the\DVD. When you want to burn use the browise to locate \DVD that follows the name, forget about the sub folders under \DVD.


Go to my post in this thread and go to the link posted in my post #8.



Can Not copy Pink Panther or dave chappelle ,s block party with my dvd fab platinum, have no problem copying 16 block

When I try encoding Generic.avi.h264.mp3 at any bitrate other than the default, it doesn’t work. For example, if I set the bitrate to 2000 kbps instead of the default 1006 kbps, it seems to take the numbers, but the resultant file is encoded at the default rate, as if I had not done anything. Anyone else seeing this?