DVDFab Platinum (Option:Mobile)



Hi all,

Not being at all up with all these file types codec etc; I was wondering if anybody could tell me what type of file types DVDFab creates when you reduce a DVD movie with the DVD to Mobile “Generic” type of Mobile conversion.

I have started putting some of my DVD movies on an external hard disk for my laptop, as my wife and I are goning on a trip for a while. I didn’t want to loose too much quality so I decided to make the files about 2gig each so on my 320gig external drive that allows me quite a selection.

The main reason for my enquiery is that I just upgraded to Nero9 as I have been using Nero7 for some years. I use showtime to play all my videos, from my video camera, and any other video material. Now with Nero9 I have a problem in that the AVI files that DVDFab produces stopped working, but still work with Nero7. I can’t find any information within
FABDvd as to what type of file the avi files are

Any help would be much appreciated as this whole codec thing is starting to get difficult.

Also any ideas on what I could use in place of nero for all my cd/dvd copy buring files, playing movies, playing other digital video.
Oh, my new camera is HD panasonic, that another reason for getting nero9 but if its not working with my DVD reductions then what is the point.

Regards Ian


found the FABDvd file codec info I was looking for nice little utility that reads the info and displays it.

Thanks to anybody that was thinking of replying.

Regards Ian