Dvdfab platinum noob question

I just downloaded the trial version of DVDFab platinum, and wanted to make back up copies of a few of my own personal dvds. I have a fairly new computer…Windows XP…and it exceeds all the minimum specs. The computer has two DVD drives…both DVD dual layered writers, so I put the original movie in one and the blank dvd media (TDK DVD+R DL) in the other drive. I tried copying “Abominable” using both the whole disc and clone options, and while the movie copies fine I can’t get the trailors or special features to play. The disc just freezes when I try to select the additional material. (I am playing them on a Panasonic DVD/VCR recorder that supports dual layer media.)
I also tried coping ECW One night stand—using the clone method—and it won’t even play on my DVD player. The other video I copied (which fit in a single disc and didn’t require a dual layer) recorded fine.
Any info on why the other two didn’t work would be greatly appreciated. I’m new to this. I used to use DVD Xcopy (Perfect for people like me) and it always worked great, but I heard good things about this program so maybe i’m just doing something wrong.

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friscolives Hello and welcome to the DVDFab forum
One thing you may want to do is set the Booktype to DVD-Rom when using DVD+R media, you can do this in common settings=-> Write.
If those DVD5 (single layer) are DVD-R then that is why they work :smiley:
also make sure you are in DMA mode and not PIO mode, you can open common settings and click on the button"RESET DMA" and it will set it for you :smiley: .
To open common settings open DVDFab and at the top right you will see a small round button with a gear icon click on it then click on the small dropdown that says “Common Settings” and the on the left click on the word “Write” and put a chech in the box for Booktype

First, follow all of stormjumpers suggestions. Also, take the disc you burned that freezes when you try to play the extras in you Panasonic standalone and try playing it in one of the PC drives with WinDVD or PowerDVD to see if the extras will play there. It would be helpful if you can find and post the burn log from the day and time this disc was recorded and post that for us to study–might have a clue as to why this happened. Instructions for posting the burn log are in the bottom link in my sig if needed.