DVDFab Platinum Merging 2 Discs 2 1 DVD9

I want to back up my LOTR extended edition dvd’s to one dvd9 so I dont have to keep switching discs. Here is the procedure I have done that has not been working:

1.Rip Full Disc to HDD.
2.Use DvdShrink to strip the dvd except for DTS and I cut out the credits and the black portions at the beginning and end of disc 1/2 respectively.
3.Use the Merge option in FAB Platinum to create an ISO and then burn with nero 7.

my problem is the layer break is not recognized and only burns the first half of the film. I know shirnk has an option to remove layer break, but i am not sure if FAB inserts a new one. I also wonder if I strip the credits and the black portions if that leaves the GOPs open. I have toyed with IFOedit and VOBedit to see if I could reconstruct the VOBs and IFOs but nothing has worked. Oh yeah and I tried to insert a layer break using PGCedit but nothing has worked for me. I feel my problem is DVDshrink. Can someone help me!?

First you need to post info about the originals such as title and size etc. How many DVD 5s are you trying to put on a DVD 9? Also you are using several different programs an it becomes confusing. I have never used the merge feature because I just do main movie. Signals has written a tutorial on merge feature posted in the [B]Read First[/B] stickies. Make your post more understandable and someone will answer. This post will move it up toward the top.


sorry never posted before.

The title i am trying to back up is Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition

ok here goes: I want to take 1 movie that spans 2 dvd9 discs and merge them so ONLY the movie fits on 1 dvd9. The movie spans 2 dvd9’s. Part 1 of the movie is on disc 1 and then fades to black. When you insert disc 2 it begins from black and holds the rest of the movie. I used dvdshrink to remove the black so when I merge the two folders the playback of the movie is seamless without a fade to black. I also cut the credits to try and preserve space back because the movie uncompressed is about 10gb. However DVDFab does not recognize the layerbreak nor does PGCedit when I try to use that program. I bought DVD Fab because on the product description “you can combine two DVD-9 like “The Lord of the Rings” into one DVD-9” (this is exactly what I am trying to do - only I dont want the fade to black between discs or the end credits). Does anyone have a guide for this procedure? Or am I being too picky :bigsmile:

I have looked at the Merge feature posted on “Read Me First” but I am having trouble with DVDFab recognizing the layerbreak after running the folder through dvdshrink. Dvdshrink has an option to “remove layerbreak” but that still did not work. When I attempt a burn it only burns the first part of the movie and the stand alone dvd player only reads the first part of the movie. Basically my goal is to get a seamless run of the movie onto one dvd9 with no fade to blacks. Anyone have any suggestions?

Did you use DVDFab to rip to your HDD?,
DVDFab also has an option to "remove layerbreak"
I merged Star Trek 2 and 3 together went through the same steps in shrink can’t tell when title one ends and title two starts


You will not get a truely seamless merge using DVDShrink or DVDFab because you still end up with 2 titles instead of 1 title. There will be a slight pause when switching between titles as navigation will have to go through the VMG domain for redirection to the next title. How noticeable the pause is depends on the speed of your dvd player , and how first part of video ends and second part of video starts. If the first part fades to black and the second part starts from black, then this will be tolerable. You will notice the pause right away if the movie is split in the middle of an action sequence.

You can already do everything in DVDShrink. No need to use several programs in your first post. Since you’re combining 2 DVD9 discs into 1 DVD9 disc, this will require compression.

First, select the option “Remove layer break” in Shrink. This will remove the layer break flag in discs 1 and 2. Go to Reauthor mode and add the movie title from disc 1 and 2. Uncheck the unwanted audio and subpicture tracks. Remove unwanted video. Backup with Deep Analysis and AEC.

You can do the merge in DVDFab but, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think you’re able to cut a portion of video in a title for Merge mode.

As for the burning part, you can burn with DVDFab or Imgburn. DVDFab supposedly is able to detect where to insert the layer break when burning to DVD9. If it fails, it’s something to be looked at.

I know Imgburn is able to do this very well. It will bring up a window telling you which cell is best for layer break selection. Just read the star rating system and follow directions.

If you really want a seamless merge as combining 2 titles to 1, you can give DVD2ONE or DVDReMake Pro a try. DVD2ONE is probably easier for you as its interface is rather simple. DVDReMake Pro is a more advanced and friendly DVD Editor, which I love as you can do almost anything with it.

Good luck!

EDIT: I notice you have Nero 7, if you have Recode, it may be able to do a seamless merge.

DVDFab Platinum will do this easily. I did “Schindler’s List” the same way. It wound up fitting on one DVD9 at about 70% Quality but looks fine. First, copy disc 2 to a HDD folder using Customize/No Menus. Before you click start, go to Common Settings–>Protection and make sure the box that says “Remove Layer Break” is checked. Before writing the files you can try using the preview window to see if there are chapter changes at the end credits that you can use as stop points to eliminate the credits. When this is complete, click “Finish” to let Fab finish housekeeping. Now put in disc 1 and select Merge. Disc 1 should appear as the Source, and you can select/deselect audio and subtitles as needed. Now click on the source folder icon and use the box to select the disc 2 files just written to the HDD. Click Next for the 2nd screen that shows the titles, make sure everything is in order, select a target (make sure to select DVD9 in the drop down box) and click Start. All movies have fades to black, but if you want to remove them, you will have to use something with finer start/stop control then Fab, such as DVDShrink.

i just thought of something:

for LOTR there are 9 vob files vts_1_1 through vts_1_5 for disc 1 and vts_2_1 through vts_2_4 for disc 2. what if i rename the vts files (vts_1_01.vob…etc) so they are all 1 titleset. Then use ifoedit and create new ifo files for the now connected vobs. Obviously first I would rip using either dvdFab or dvdShrink and remove the layer break. I wonder though if Imgburn would accept this and place a layerbreak or what? What do you think?

It really is not any worse than the layer change on a DVD9 playback on my system(s).

You can already do everything in DVDShrink.
If it can handle the decryption, which is less and less the case.
You can do the merge in DVDFab but, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think you’re able to cut a portion of video in a title for Merge mode.
You are wrong. Start/Stop points can be set at Chapter breaks. Coarse but effective.

DVDFab supposedly is able to detect where to insert the layer break when burning to DVD9. If it fails, it’s something to be looked at.
DVDFab sets layer breaks perfectly. The OP said Fab could not read the layer breaks set by DVDShrink (which there is no need to do in the first place, a new layer break will be calculated after the merge process).

It won’t work. Already tried it. You will get duplicate Vob/CellID which will be a problem when playing esp if you’re pressing Next and Previous button to go to Next/Previous chapter. Using PgcEdit, FixVTS, VidChanger to fix it won’t help either. The proper way is to demux these files and remux them with MuxMan. The navpacks and timestamps will be corrected esp for disc 2. This is the long way so you may want to look at DVD2ONE, Recode, or DVDReMake Pro to do it for you.

I’m not referring to the decryption part. We’re discussing about the merging process.

Shrink does not modify the layer break flag (if the option is not ticked) during merging. It just merges the titles as is. It is actually the job of the burning engine to evaluate the files and set the physical layer break position correctly.

ok here is what worked for me:

ripped both discs separately with shrink
used dvd2one and used the merge seamless option
burned with dvdFab and Fab DID create a layer break and plays perfectly in my standalone dvd player.

Why do we always complicate the easiest of tasks? :clap:

Glad you found a good method for your preferences. Have you tried one as an experiment with DVDFab’s Merge? The intertitle pause is really not bad and I can’t believe it wouldn’t be quicker.

Why do we always complicate the easiest of tasks? :clap:
The quest for the perfect backup!:slight_smile:

i did try merging with dvdFab but it creates two titlesets just like dvdshrink. Burn programs wont recognize the second titleset when burning to dvd9. It would be great if FAB had options to process into one titleset then it would knock the other progs out of the water. As for quality my way gave excellent video quality for the amount of compression. I’m sort of afraid to do the return of the king since that beast is 4hours long!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that ability in Fab someday. My Schnidler’s List backup was to a DVD9 (its long too) and it burned OK from within Fab using the VSO burning engine. Not sure what is going on with that. My originals of all the LOTR series are really starting to get some age on them, so it may be time for me to start what you just finished. I will try it with Fab and if it doesn’t work I’ll try to remember out how I did Schindler’s. It really plays smooth even on my Crapmeister standalone. Good luck!:cool:

i had a bad burn on two towers extended edition. is there some way to control the setting on the dvdFab burner?

Which setting? Most burn parameters can be set in Common Settings–>Write.