DvdFab Platinum Jerky Pan Issue

The only problem I have with dvdfab is when I make an xvid the result is jerky or stutter panning in scenes. Is there anyway to fix this. Maybe some tweak in the xvid xml.

Hi Redrocker. Make sure the framerate is set correctly (29.97 or 30 fps, or whatever your device requires). If that is OK, try increasing the overall bitrate. This effect is also sometimes caused by the playback hardware not being able to redraw the screen quickly enough (my cell phone does this in widescreen mode, but plays smoothly in smallscreen mode, from the same file). Playback on my PC using VLC player and the Generic profile is perfect.

I’m using my Xbox with XBMC to watch xvid’s. So what is the easiest way to determine the fps. In dvdfab for framerate i have set to use same as source. Is this the wrong thing to do? Also I have bitrate @ 1200.

These numbers should produce good results. Framerate same as source should be OK also if you are using standard DVDs. Play the files on your PC and see if they are jerky there. This is a sign that something in the chain, either encoding or decoding, is having trouble keeping up with the bitrate demands of fast motion video. Don’t have an XBOX, so no way to test, sorry. You can always use the advanced title controls in Customize/No Menus and make a short test folder (like a chapter or two only)from the original DVD for troubleshooting. Makes each test much quicker as you experiment with settings.