DVDFab Platinum IPOD transfer last 60 sec freeze

Fairly new at this but have transferred several videos from DVD to IPOD using DVDFab Platinum with mostly great results. That being said I have noticed that the last 60 sec of video is frozen while the audio will continue on several (maybe everything) I have done. Is there a setting or something I may be doing wrong?

Okay so I checked more of my files. The really only one I have problems with are rips from the New Scooby Doo Movies. Every single one of them freezes or loses video around the one minute to go mark, when viewed on the IPOD it holds the last displayed frame when played in quicktime I get a white screen with just the audio. I am going to attempt to redo these and see if it was just a fluke.

Hi.i don’t know what is the problem,but when i download movies to ipod whit dvdfab3,nothing freezes but movie runs faster than normal and sound rans even faster than movie,i asked about this before but nobody answers,maybe thers some problem with dvd to ipod?

Not sure if this will help you or not, as I’m not sure which way you are doing it. I found if I ripped to HDD, then did the transfer I HAD some of the issues you guys are talking about. I now do it directly from the DVD to IPOD, and everyone of them works a treat (right to the end).

Thanks for the idea, I did all my transfers directly from the DVD. I will have to try again it may have just been a bad transfer. The video’s play fine otherwise, except I forgot to uncheck the subtitle option so they all have subtitles. Need to redo them to get rid of that.

Guys,i may sound stupid but how do you transfer dvd directly to ipod,with out hdd?

As far as I know the HDD is needed :smiley:

ok,the way i did it: rip dvd to dvdfab3 ipod folder,then open this folder with itunes and transfer movie to an ipod.

Yep thats the way I do it too. I think the other way would be to rip dvd to hdd, then re-encode to ipod format?

i downloaded softwear which transfers dvd to ipod,works good but widescreen movies come’s out strecht and i can’t found out why.