DVDFab Platinum: how to name file output to mobile



In a recent update to DVDFab I must have changed some of the settings and now I can’t figgure out how to get back to what I had.

I select an .iso file (say Mongol.iso) to convert to an .m4v file for loading to my iPhone. I select the .iso and clk Start. I use to end up with a file like Mongol.m4v (smart pgm picked up the file name from the iso). Now I end up with a file named DVD_VOLUME.Title1.DVDRip.m4v. With my memory span, forget knowing what it contains tomorrow. And, If I try ripping several iso files in one setting it’s a real mess. I’ve looked thru the Settings but can’t find anything that looks obvious.

Help would be appreciated…


You can enter the filename on the Conversion Settings page for each conversion in the batch. This was a recent change that was done I think to improve compatibility and eliminate problems caused by unusual/disallowed filenames.